We Research Your Ancestry

Complete an Ancestry Research Request and our team of family history experts will research and lineage-link your family to intriguing people, places and events throughout human history and provide you with the results.

Take an optional DNA test

In most cases, this step won't be necessary for our highly trained team to find plenty of exciting ancestors and stories worth traveling to explore. However, if you'd like to uncover the most depth and accuracy possible we recommend ordering the Ancestry Traveler DNA Test.

Help us plan your perfect trip

Complete the Travel Planner and you will be matched with one of our Ancestry Travel Specialists that has lived or traveled extensively in the areas you'd like to travel. They will recommend travel plans and unique tours based upon your preferences and will incorporate as much of your own family history into your itinerary as you would like.

Pack your bags!

Once you've selected the perfect itinerary for your trip, our team will take care of all of the travel arrangements and provide you with every detail you will need while traveling including a family history tour guidebook (you may also request local tour guides). We will remain available 24/7 while on your trip - so just relax and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime!