Angra Dos Reis, Brazil
Filled with culture, 2000 gorgeous beaches, and historic attractions, Angra Dos Reis is a thrilling destination.  Its emerald and turquoise sea offers a plethora of activities from scuba diving to swimming amongst the bright colored fish.  The ancient monuments reveal stories of ancient…   read more

Antofagasta, Chile
The Regional Museum of Antofagasta is a unique look into the past with its archeological findings of ancient artifacts, mummies and fossils.  Visitors are welcomed to learn about historic civilizations that once prevailed throughout the city and marvel at the preservations of the ancient…   read more

Arequipa, Peru
A city filled with history and culture, Arequipa, Peru, South America is an amazing destination.  Its handsome features stretch across the cobblestone streets, rivers and valleys with its picturesque views and thrilling attractions.  Surrounded by three volcanoes and containing the…   read more

Offering gorgeous landscapes and natural attractions, cosmopolitan cities, tempting cuisine and lively culture, Argentina is a traveler’s paradise. Nature lovers can traverse the Patagonian steppe, climb South America’s highest peak, walk among thousands of penguins, and see some of th…   read more

Arica, Chile
Bask in the fragrances of the past and explore some of the most interesting sights left by Arica’s ancestors. The décor of exquisite geoglyphs glisten alongside the rocky hillsides of the Valley of Azapa; and shine a light on the importance of this ancient tradition.  Slightly…   read more

Asuncion, Paraguay
Asuncion, Paraguay, is not your typical vacation destination. With a lack of conventional tourist attractions, the capital city is a city of contrasts, with both beauty and blemishes. Sitting on the banks of the Paraguay River, this once isolated and politically unstable city is filled with…   read more

Bariloche, Argentina
Nestled in the Nahuel Huapi National Park, Bariloche is a striking destination and a nature lover’s paradise.  The city’s landscape is elaborately painted with vast mountains and crystal clear blue bodies of water that preserve its al fresco culture.  Many tourists are…   read more

Boca Da Valeria, Brazil
Set in the beautiful country of Brazil, Boca da Valeria is a small community located where the Valeria River and Amazon River meets.  This village is unparallel to any other Brazilian destination because of the extraordinary and authentic lifestyles of the local Indians.  You will not…   read more

Bogota, Colombia
Bogota, the capital of the Republic of Colombia, is located 2,460 meters above sea level in the center of the country.  Known for spectacular cultural and natural places of interest, Bogota is an outstanding tourist destination filled with parks, museums, universities, galleries, churches and…   read more

Bolivia doesn’t seem to fit in with its South American neighbors. It’s the Western Hemisphere’s highest, most isolated and most rugged nation and, as one of two landlocked countries in South America, it doesn’t even have a beach. But Bolivia is a beautiful, geographically…   read more

Very few tourist destinations can offer as many options as Brazil. Natural beauty, large popular festivities and countless protected environmental reserves are attractions that truly call the attention of foreign tourists when it comes time to choose a destination for their vacation. The weather…   read more

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina, the country’s capital and largest city, is often described as “The Paris of South America.” Offering elegant architecture, exquisite cuisine, a legendary frenzied nightlife and fashionable shopping in designer boutiques, this is a South American city with…   read more

Caracas, Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela, is a bustling metropolis and the country’s capital. It began as a Spanish colonial settlement more than 400 years ago. But since the country’s oil boom, which started in the 1970s, Caracas has become one of the world’s most modern cities. Here, visitors can…   read more

At more than 2,600 miles from north to south and 221 miles wide at its broadest point, Chile is a geographically diverse country, with deserts, mountains, valleys, coastal areas glaciers — which makes for a culturally diverse country as well. While each region has a piece of the Pacific…   read more

Colombia is a modern nation, with big cities and a sophisticated infrastructure. Just south of Central America, with coastlines on the Pacific Ocean and the southern Caribbean Sea, it provides a variety of environments, including plains, rain forests, deserts and more than 300 beaches. Throughout…   read more

Cusco, Peru
The heartbeat of the Inca Empire, Cusco is one of the most precious jewels of Peru.  This unique city attracts a multitude of tourists who fall madly in love with its fascinating culture, enclosed by the mystical Peruvian Andes.  From the baroque architectonic structures standing at…   read more

The Republic of Ecuador is small but diverse, offering a wealth of culture, due to its Inca and Spanish roots. It’s also geographically diverse, with the Amazon jungle to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the Andes Mountains slicing down the center. Offshore are the ecologically…   read more

French Guiana
French Guiana, a French possession on South America’s northeastern shore, is full of different cultures and traditions; and its proximity to the Amazon rainforest makes it an ideal destination for adventure and exploration.French Guiana is a great starting point for exploring the rainforest,…   read more

Galapagos Islands
The Galapagos Islands are one of the world’s ecological wonders. Located 600 miles off of Ecuador’s coast in the Pacific Ocean, the 18 islands and 107 rocks and islets that make up this protected wildlife sanctuary are a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a huge variety of animals,…   read more

Tropical, scenic Guyana is a haven for nature lovers, adventurists, eco-tourists and culture diggers. Situated on the Atlantic Ocean, this South American country boasts beaches, Amazonian rainforests, wildlife and indigenous culture.Among the popular activities in Guyana are bird watching, with…   read more

Iguazu Falls
One of the most spectacular natural attractions on Earth, Iguazu (“great waters”) Falls consists of more than 270 waterfalls crashing over cliffs in a half-moon shape. Located on the Iguazu River on the border of Brazil and Argentina, the falls are shared by national parks, which are…   read more

La Paz, Bolivia
Known as the city that touches the sky, La Paz, Bolivia, climbs in elevation from approximately 9,840 to 13,450 feet in the highlands of eastern Bolivia, near the eastern side of the Andes Mountains. While Sucre is the legal capital of Bolivia, La Paz is the government seat. Although it’s a…   read more

Lima, Peru
Lima is the largest city in Peru, located on the central western coast. This large city is highly polluted, noisy and covered in a misty coastal fog for most of the year. A sunny period does occur from December to April and during this time many people flood to the beach. The friendly people,…   read more

Montevideo, Uruguay
Montevideo, Uruguay, is an attractive blend of spicy urban culture and sunny beach leisure. As the capital and largest city of Uruguay, Montevideo offers everything from industrial skyscrapers and beach-lined high-rises, to cozy tango clubs and brightly painted sidewalk cafés. The…   read more

Paraguay is a country of many cultures, which is reflected in its literature, art, music, cuisine and people. In fact, Paraguay claims 17 indigenous ethnic groups, as well as German, Japanese, Brazilian, Argentine and Bolivian communities. Paraguay offers two main regions that are rich in culture…   read more

Patagonia, Chile
Patagonia is a natural wonderland, with a multitude of valleys, canyons, mountains, plateaus, plains, glaciers, rivers and lakes. The region, which spans the southern tips of Chile and Argentina, also serves as a gateway to Antarctica. Most visitors come to Patagonia to explore these scenic areas,…   read more

Located on South America’s Pacific Coast, Peru is a country of geographic and cultural diversity, natural beauty and historic sites. It offers bustling cities as well as beaches, mountains, rainforests and reminders of ancient civilizations, including Machu Picchu, its most famous. Peru has…   read more

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Brazil's key tourist destination is positioned within a spectacularly wild, natural landscape. This seductive city is easy to visualize: flamboyant Carnaval, beaches packed with locals in skimpy bikinis, the mountaintop statue of Christ the Redeemer with his outstretched arms and the rhythm of…   read more

Santiago, Chile
Santiago, Chile, is a vibrant South American capital city that is dominated by the snow-capped Andes Mountains to the east and Chilean Coastal Range to the west. Though smog is often trapped in the center of the Santiago basin, it does not take away from the lively markets, colonial churches…   read more

Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sao Paulo is one of the largest metropolitan regions in the world right along with New York City, Mexico City, Tokyo and Seoul. This the most populous city in the Southern hemisphere with over 11 million people in a 588 square mile radius. The people from this area are referred to as Paulistanos…   read more