In the midst of the industrial port of Savona, lies a medieval commune draped in antiquity and art.  In Savona, Italy, your days will be spent soaking in the blue-green of the Mediterranean and uncovering timeless legends hidden in its classic gems.  With towers nearly touching the sky and sprawling lanes once strolled by Christopher Columbus, there are many reasons why travelers are excited to wander through the off-the-beaten-paths of this Italian beauty.  This pocket-sized seaside town is a unique vision, where shutterbugs, art aficionados, surfers as well as history buffs all come to play.

Savona’s position along the Mediterranean coastline has transformed the town into one of Italy’s leading seaports.  Behind every great city is a world of adventures, unveiling the mysteries left behind powerful and ancient civilizations, which can be seen speckled throughout Savona’s charming trails.  Built in 1542, the Priamar Fortress was used as a fortress as well as a prison and is also home to several museums; the existing Old Towers represent the attack on the city during the 16th century; Christopher Columbus’ House is a fascinating glimpse into the childhood of the famed historian; decorated in Rococo style, The Cappella Sistina boasts a décor of hand-painted ceilings and ancient wooden seats.  From Cathedrals to museums, Savona beams with world-class antiques.

Take a break from sightseeing and venture into the trendy markets of Savona’s districts.  Made up of old and new stores, shopping in Savona is a great way to rub elbows with locals while purchasing genuine Italian souvenirs such as jewelry and clothing designed by its natives.  Another way in which the town’s locals showcase their talents is through their culinary specialties. From seafood to pizza and pasta dishes, its gastronomic temptations are typically prepared in olive oil and vegetables, causing a hodgepodge of rich flavors that will explode in your mouth.

Blessed with idyllic weather year-round, Savona experiences a Mediterranean climate.  July and August are considered the hottest months with temperatures averaging around 85 °F.  May, June, and September are relatively mild with the weather fluctuating around 72°F.  Savona’s winter season is during the months of November to March, which experiences highs slightly above 50°F and lows around 40°F.

Savona is serviced by Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport.  Once you are here, the town provides a number of ways for tourists to navigate throughout its landscape.  Public buses travel throughout the city as well as neighboring Italian cities.  Bicycling is a great way to tour Savona while keeping the vacation pounds off.  However, many of the town’s sacred highlights can be explored on foot.