Solitude, silence and sanctuary, these words best describe what Canada’s west-central province Saskatchewan has to offer, rural relaxation and a place to just breathe. Here you actually have to seek out towns instead of trying to escape them and you can drive for hours without encountering another car. What you will come into contact with its wildlife and lots of it.

The south is a popular birdwatching destination and the reserves of Chaplin Lake and Quill Lakes are home to more than 300 species, including rare ferruginous hawks and peregrine falcons. Head north to the endless forests and Grasslands National Park in the southwest has a craggy landscape of weathered cliffs and haunted badlands. It’s home to white-tailed and mule deer, pronghorn antelope and sage grouse. Combined, the parks cover 5 million acres.

Outdoor activities include sailing, fishing, boating and rafting in summer and snowmobiling, ice fishing, curling, skating and skiing in winter. There’s 13 downhill and 25 cross-country ski trails. In addition, there are 250 golf courses.

The two main urban areas are the capital Regina and Saskatoon. Relive the Prohibition Era at Moose Jaw, where you can tour the tunnels used by Al Capone and others in their bootlegging business. Also in town is Temple Gardens Mineral Spa, with hot indoor/outdoor mineral pools. There are 100,000 lakes within Prince Albert National Park, the gateway to Saskatchewan's wilderness where Bison, white pelicans, timber wolf, caribou and black bear roam.