Around 517 BC the vision of a dynamic port was brought to life due to its geological position along the tranquil Saronic Gulf.  It was not long before Piraeus, Greece transformed into a bustling commercial center, where life centered on the industry of its marina. Although the city suffered a few setbacks, it remains one of the most powerful ports Europe has ever seen, driving millions of tourists into that powerful radiance of the Greek light.  Piraeus is a melting pot of old and new treasures, where antiquity and modernity effortlessly delight the senses.

Nestled in the beautiful country of Greece, Piraeus is one ofthe country's biggest port cities. Once an island, it underwent a major reconstruction in 1834, which has made it an international success for Athens today.  Throughout Piraeus you will be amazed by the diverse attractions speckled across its streets.  From museums and cathedrals to local hotspots and restaurants, Piraeus has plenty of highlights that will excite any interest. 

History buffs can gather in the Piraeus Archeological Museum, which houses an elaborate display of ancient findings or the Hellenic Maritime Museum for a journey into the eventful past of the Greek naval influence. Perched on Profitis ilias (famous hill in Piraeus), is the charming town of Kastella, which offers a 360 degree panorama of the city. Also, do not miss the opportunity to bask in the barefoot luxuries of Votsalakia, Piraeus’ beach, or watch monolithic vessels dock along the waterfronts of Zea Marina and Mikrolimano.  For a world-class shopping atmosphere, the stores of Zea Marina are a must, so is Sunday mornings at Piraeus’ open-air market, where shoppers are lured to empty their wallets on genuine “made in Greece” treasures.

Known for having a pulsating nightlife, partygoers should visit the village of Kastella in addition to the boardwalk between Mikrolimano and Zea Marina for a night revolved around their clubs and bars.  Boasting a marina full of seafood, the waterfront taverns of the Zea Marina as well as the Mikrolimano overflow with specialties infused with Greek flavors.

With pleasant temperatures year-round, Piraeus experiences a Mediterranean climate.  During June to September (summer) the weather is typically hot averaging from the low-90s and decreasing to the mid-70s.  From November to March (winter) the weather fluctuates between the low-60s to low-40s at night.

There are several ways to navigate throughout Piraeus.  Taxis are convenient, inexpensive and should always be metered.  Capture an amazing view of the city via ferry in transit to the beautiful Greek Islands.  Piraeus’ extensive bus system provides transportation throughout the city and roundtrip travel to Athens.  For travelers wanting to tour the city at their own pace, car rental is available from the airport.