Pay-It-Forward and inspire our youth

In Partnership with Ancestors unKnown, a 501(c)3-sponsored, U.S. nonprofit organization




Each time you book travel with us, Ancestry Traveler makes a donation to inspire the academic and personal success of young people by providing history classrooms with genealogy curriculum designed to teach students to research their own family history.  








Additionally, your travel purchase will help provide educational heritage travel scholarships for participating students where they can discover intriguing people, places and events throughout human history that helps connect them to their family roots.





Ancestors unKnown is an international nonprofit that has created a fun, engaging and educational way to inspire high school students to learn and care about history. Personalized history lessons incorporate the stories of the students’ own ancestors. Teachers use the Ancestors Curriculum and hands-on programming to introduce students to family history research and some of the world’s untold histories. Students are introduced to various research and digitizing job and can also qualify for international heritage travel opportunities.