Wine amid nature is what you will stumble upon in the beautiful city of Napa, California.  It is a destination enjoyed in every season, reflecting the striking scenery bouncing off of its majestic hills to the bright European architectonic décor beautifying its streets.  

Napa exudes luxury from the moment you are whisked onto one of its many vineyards and taste the rich vintages that has made the city unforgettable.  It radiantly beams with a culture too sophisticated to be ignored, awakening the senses with world-class culinary temptations and a vibrant shopping atmosphere.  Napa begs all to explore its fascinating surroundings parading a unique heritage flowing from its veins to the hearts of every drifting passenger.  As one of the most renowned destinations in North America, come see why it was recently dubbed the country's “Happiest Place.” 

Set on the southernmost tip of the Napa Valley, Napa has come a long way since its establishment in the 1800s. The city is nestled along the Napa River, which transformed it into a trading as well as an administrative hub.  Upon discovery, you cannot help but bask in the fragrances of antique wines bursting their succulent flavors throughout the air.  Embark on a journey of luxury aboard the Wine Train for an excursion filled with exquisite cuisine, wine, and adventure.  The historic Opera House embraces the soul of music and dance within its walls.  Covering over 200 acres of scenic views, di Rosa is captivatingly decorated with many artistic exhibitions.  Also, do not miss the opportunity to shop til you drop in style in any of its trendy stores filled to the brim with elaborate treasures.

Yes Napa is known for its wine, but its foods come in a close second.  What better way than to experience Napa at its best than dining in one of its top-notch restaurants.  Food lovers will enjoy gourmet cheeses, authentic Italian pizza, fish and chips, oysters, chop salad, as well as many other dishes cooked to perfection.  The Oxbow Public Market is where you will find live entertainment, fresh foods and a multitude of happy faces excitingly enjoying the lively atmosphere and beautiful scenery of the tranquil river.

Napa is characterized by a Mediterranean climate.  Its summers (June to October) are typically dry with temperatures averaging a high around 80°F and a low slightly under 55°F.  Its winters (November to March) are relatively cool and experience an everyday high around 60°F and decreasing to 35°F at night.

The VINE (the region’s bus transportation) provides extensive travel throughout the Napa Valley and across the city.  Bicycling is a great way to feel Napa’s idyllic weather beat upon your face and tour the highlights of its downtown district.  There is also an array of wine tours that are ready to take you on exploration of the region’s most exquisite tastes.