Highly recognized as The Soul of Mexico, Michoacán’s true essence lies in the hands of its warm locals who proudly honor the spirit of their deceased loved ones as much as the living.  Even butterflies are drawn to the land and add to the beauty that already dominates its entire landscape.  The culture of Michoacán, Mexico is inescapable, and it boldly shows its face throughout its treasured attractions as well as delicious delicacies.  Whether you take a historical journey in its timeless landmarks or take part in any of the festivals, there is an adventure for every interest.  So tantalize your curiosity and retrace the steps of Michoacán‘s ancestors, where their souls are respectably celebrated through modern interpretation.  Once you enter Michoacán’s powerful realm, you will not be able to shy away from its irresistible charm. 

Michoacán is a state situated in the central western part of Mexico.  Also known as Michoacán de Ocampo, it was founded by the Purhépecha, who made good use of the state’s resources.  From a thriving mining industry to the leading avocado producer in the country, Michoacán is undeniably one of Mexico’s richest gems.  Much of the Purhépecha footprints are presented in the lifestyles of its proud people. Michoacán’s various cities and towns conceal the state’s history through its manifestations of archeological attractions, music, art, and legends that have existed for almost a lifetime.  It is also home to the sparkling Patzcuaro Lake, which can be seen from Tzintzuntzan, the ancient capital of the Purhépecha Empire.  Its museums and landmarks proudly showcase exhibitions mirroring the state’s early civilization through artifacts and untold stories.   Also, many tourists specifically come to Rosario (sanctuary of the butterflies) to see millions of butterflies decorate the verdant forests. 

Speckled with many shops and boutiques, Michoacán’s vibrant shopping areas display the ambidextrous talents of its locals.  Passed down from generation to generation, souvenirs are readily available for you to take home a part of the Mexican culture.  Sightseeing and shopping can definitely work up an appetite.  What better way than to experience the soul of Michoacán than to feast on its fine cuisines.  Chefs apply their skillfulness at creating a plethora of mouthwatering specialties.  Foods like nacatamales, aguacatas, and churipo are among the different selections found in Michoacán.  So enticing is the gastronomic experience, you will be salivating for more.

Michoacán experiences a warm temperate climate.  During the months of April to May (warm season) the temperature averages around a high within the 80s and a low in the mid-50s.  In November to February (cold season) the weather fluctuates between a high in the mid-70s and low within the high-40s.

There are several ways to navigate throughout Michoacán’s landscape.  Public buses travel in between cities and towns as well as popular sites.  Taxis are a phone call away or can be flagged down from the streets.  The great thing about Michoacán is its pleasant weather makes strolling along its narrow trails extremely delightful.