Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a 48-mile long playground blessed with old mountain charm.  Since the 1800s, many have flocked to the valley in the hopes of capturing the panoramic views glistening from the jagged cliffs of the Rocky Mountains, while cozying up to its untamed species.  It is a home to the great outdoors, where thrill seekers can ski along powdery slopes and kayak in rhythm with the powerful waves of Snake River.  From a riveting shopping atmosphere to world-class golfing and lodging, there is no excuse for missing out on the experiences of Jackson Hole as it uplifts the soul with its year-round escapades. 

 With the majestic Rockies providing a dazzling backdrop, Jackson Hole remains one of North America’s most captivating destinations.  Sitting south of the valley, the legendary city of Jackson as well as its other nearby villages provides a gateway into Wyoming’s intriguing treasures.  The call of the wild boisterously echoes through the Grand Teton National Park and the Yellowstone National Park, as they immerse their guests within the tranquility of nature.  Yes, Jackson Hole is popular for its skiing opportunities; however, its open spaces give way to a wide spectrum of experiences whether fishing for trout, gazing at the exhibitions in the National Museum of Wildlife Art or gliding over 4,000 feet in the air on a tram.

The area of Jackson Hole can also be a shopaholic’s dream with downtown Jackson providing an endless string of boutiques, bursting at the seams with souvenirs as well as trendy fashions.  The stores of Jackson Hole and Teton Village are also known for supplying the perfect outfits for skiers and snowboarders wanting to hit the slopes in style.  The adventures of Jackson Hole also continue once the sun has set.  Local saloons are where night owls escape to dance and toast with their favorite beverage in hand.

The atmosphere of Jackson Hole is also infused by the diversity of aromas flowing out of its restaurants.  From good old Western fare to on-mountain dining, there is a flavor that will test any taste bud.  Whether you are a hearty meat lovers or seafood fanatic, Jackson Hole has just what your appetite needs.

Jackson Hole weather is characterized as a continental climate with four distinct wet seasons.  From June to September (summer) temperatures are typically cool and face highs in the upper-70s and lows in the mid-40s.  During November to March (winter) the weather fluctuates between the low-30s to decreasing below 10°F at night.

Jackson Hole Airport is the valley’s main gateway to a variety of destinations, and offers flights from major airline carriers.  Its public bus transportation (START Bus) is inexpensive, convenient and services travel to Teton Village for just $3.00 one way. Car rental is also accessible for vacationers wanting to explore the area leisurely.