Some might be surprised to learn that Greenland is the world’s biggest island. Located right near the country of Iceland, its large and impressive island terrain is marked by the kind of topography that you might expect: surrounding sea, hills and wildlife. The sea is either permanently frozen or chilled by the mainly cold currents. Its hills are framed by wild and rugged scenery and clear, clean air. In the center of the country ice can be up to 2 miles thick. It is no wonder that most of its population huddles around the ice-free coastal region.

For that dreamy fantasy of dogsleds, ice fishing and vast blue skies, the Arctic spring brings long days, bearable temperatures, good snow cover and the buzz of a land shaking off a long, dark winter. The best time for dog sledding and skiing tours is between late March and early May and most trips to the North Pole take place in April. Organized excursions can be arranged from every town in Greenland. The Disko Bay region and South Greenland are the most visited places and offer the widest selection of tours.