Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands is a paradise in every sense of the word.  From the moment you have entered its warmth your spirit will be refreshed by the idyllic weather, sun-kissed beaches, and pearly white smiles welcoming you with their seductive glow. The lifestyle of the island is adored by many and ignored by none, tastefully spellbinding travelers with colorful rhythms, tantalizing cuisine, a restless nightlife, and a shopping frenzy unlike any other destination.  Get ready to feast your eyes on a Caribbean beauty, where barefoot luxury is not only needed but a must.  Grand Cayman has the power to gratify your soul with its tranquil ambiance, fulfilling your every desire by showcasing natural beauty as it emerges in its best and rarest form.  

Populated with more than 50,000 people, Grand Cayman remains the biggest and main island of the three Cayman Islands.  Its 76 square miles is draped in opulence, where sugary shores, attractions, as well as Caribbean architecture give way into the profound culture of the island.  Discovered by Christopher Columbus, the island is situated a few hundred miles from Jamaica.  Its tropical ambiance exudes everything Caribbean from the vivacious Batabano celebration to the Cayman Islands National Museum, which is filled with exhibitions.  Grand Cayman Sting Ray City and Turtle Farm are an absolute aquatic adventure for vacationers wanting to cozy up to the mysterious sea creatures.  Breathe in the salty air of Seven Mile Beach, which beckons all curious travelers upon its sandy shores to find out why it has been dubbed the “Ultimate Beach” by Caribbean Travel + Life.  The beach not only offers exhilarating aquatic thrills, but the perfect scenery to discover unbelievable sunsets, where finding the perfect spot is a part of the experience.

Grand Cayman is also known for its spectacular shopping ventures.  Fashionistas will enjoy world-class shopping on the streets of George Town.  From duty-free designer wear to local handicrafts, there is something for every pocket and taste.  So grab your wallets and let loose on fascinating goods, specifically created just for you.  As the sun fades behind the Caribbean Sea, the nights of Grand Cayman come alive by the sweet sounds of sultry music.  The beach bars of Seven Mile Beach are intoxicated with the powerful aromas of alcoholic vintages as well as vivacious conversations of locals and tourists. 

Known as the “culinary capital of the Caribbean”, Grand Cayman offers a plethora of delectable cuisines infused by Jamaican in addition to other exotic flavors, drenched in spices like jerk seasoning and curry.  From the delicacies of the sea to local dishes, its restaurants are expected to charm the taste buds of any food connoisseur.  With many restaurants dotted along the beach, they consume the air with their aromas from foods like jerk chicken, conch, cassava, mahi, and plantain.

Grand Cayman’s weather is characterized by a tropical savanna climate.  The islands’ summer lasts from the months of June to October.  During this time its temperatures experience a high around 90°F and a low of 80°F. Its colder season occurs in the months of December to March, when the weather ranges from a high around 80°F and a low of approximately 75°F.

Owen Roberts International Airport is the main doorway into Grand Cayman.  Located on Edward Street, the bus terminal transports passengers to various areas within the island from 6 am (prices begin at CI $1.50).  Taxis can be hailed at the harbor in George Town and are also stationed at the island’s resorts as well as the airport.  Car rental is available for travelers wanting to get around the island leisurely.