Quietly nestled amid the natural beauty of the Exumas is the picturesque city of George Town, Bahamas.  A discovery of its wealth of treasures will willfully thrust you into the island’s culture, where the Bahamian dialect sings harmoniously and the Tropic of Cancer acts as a majestic backdrop.  George Town is the colorful capital of the Exumas, neatly tucked away in the beautiful Great Exuma Island.  From the hands of pirates to a boater’s seascape, come see what makes George Town a unique tropical oasis.

With a population of about 900, George Town seduces its tourists with a passionate people, looking to share their culture to any listening ear.  Many are drawn to its Caribbean essence, proudly celebrated through the handmade trinkets of Straw Market and in the invigorating George Town Sailing Regatta.  Adventure seekers are welcomed to explore its underwater caves or kayak along the waves of Lake Victoria.  Discover the history that is concealed inside of the pink and white Government Building and enjoy rounds of golf on Queen’s Highway.

The nightlife of George Town involves rubbing elbows with locals amid good food, live entertainment, and Bahamian-style cocktails.  The atmosphere is infused by the pulsating rhythms of calypso, local Goombay hits, reggae as well as African melodies.  Partygoers are invited to mosey on down to their hotel bars or hotspots like Club Peace &Plenty as well as Eddie’s Edgewater for a night of dancing in motion with the Caribbean breeze.

For an extraordinary gastronomic experience, dine on the rich flavors of Bahamian specialties such as conch fritters, grilled snapper, empanadas, as well as baked crabs best enjoyed with a glass of coconut water or Kalik (Bahamian beer).  Whether you choose the authenticity of a local Fish Fry or the beach setting of Chat ’N’ Chill, there is a flavor that will satisfy any soul. 

George Town’s weather is characterized as a tropical climate with warm weather year-round.  From June to October (summer) the temperature experiences highs in the low-90s and lows in the mid-70s.  During December to March (winter) the weather fluctuates between highs in the low-80s to lows in the mid-60s.

Exuma International Airport is the main gateway to the town and to the rest of the Exumas.  Water taxis are available for tourists wanting to venture out to Stocking Island and island-hop. Taxi drivers are excitingly waiting to fill your head with knowledge about their homeland as they deliver you to your destination (taxis are not metered and drivers will tell you the cost of your trip upon arrival).  Car rental is also available for travelers wanting to explore the city on their own.  Nevertheless, the city of George Town is best explored when using your foot power.