Come swim in harmony with the rhythm of the Caribbean Sea or roam through the colonial gems of Freeport, Bahamas.  Leave your footprints in the sand as you bask in the city’s idyllic weather or enjoy world-class golf on emerald, manicured 18-hole courses.  Freeport has it all, whether you are traveling with the family or on a romantic getaway, this paradise has just what the doctor ordered.  If you are looking for a tropical heaven, Freeport is not only the place to be; it is also a dream come true.

Freeport is situated on the Grand Bahama Island in the beautiful country of the Bahamas.  Since the 1950s, the city has been destined to be a tourist magnet, and it has done so triumphantly.  It is all about fun in the sun, where imaginative Caribbean cuisine, world-class shopping, and eventful attractions will whisk you off your feet.  From discovering never-before-seen treasures underwater to fishing for game, there is something that peaks every interest.  Snorkelers will find delight in the sights of colorful coral and fish that decorate the ocean floor; fashionistas should mosey down to the International Bazaar or the city’s duty-free boutiques for a whirlwind shopping frenzy; and nature lovers should feast their eyes on the limestone caves of Lucayan National Park. 

As the sun fades behind the ocean, the nightlife calls for all socialites to dance their way to Freeport’s hotspots.  Whether gazing at the orange sunset on a dinner cruise or trying your luck in one of its casinos, the city’s nightlife is a pulsating adventure where fruity drinks and live entertainment dominate the atmosphere.  The gastronomic experience of Freeport is fit for a king or queen.  Culinary specialties like marlin, steak, lobster, as well as shell fish are drenched in Caribbean flair and are meticulously prepared to gratify the soul.  

Freeport’s weather is characterized as a tropical savanna climate.  During June to September (summer) the city experiences highs in the upper-80s to lows in the upper-70s.  From December to March (winter) the temperature averages within the mid-70s and decreases to the mid-60s.

Freeport is serviced by Grand Bahama International Airport.  Traveling around the island via ferry offers a scenic view of the Grand Bahama’s landscape.  Freeport’s buses (jitneys) follow an extensive route throughout the city.  Taxis are inexpensive and are a convenient mode of transportation, especially at night.  Car rental are also available for tourists wanting to travel at their own pace.