Mixed with many faces of culture, England is one of the most striking destinations in the world.  Exquisite architecture showcase the country’s profound heritage and its attractions take visitors on a remarkable journey through the country's unforeseen treasures.  Filled with cities bursting with luxurious amenities, it is no wonder why millions of people flock to such a unique destination and indulge in its rich splendors.  The vast ocean and exotic landscape offer a multitude of adventures and the country’s ambiance overflows with English traditions that can be seen lurking on every corner.  England is the perfect location to enjoy the fascinations of artistry, history, and nature.  It is also a great place to build unforgettable memories and bask in life’s beauties.

England is a country located in Great Britain and one of the countries of the United Kingdom.  It is ruled under a Parliamentary Monarchy, in which a king or queen becomes the head of state.  The country is the birthplace of many influential figures such as Shakespeare and Charles Dickens whose works have been influenced by England’s cultural attributes.  Also, emerald hills, elegant structures, and rustic villages offer picturesque views of England’s historic civilization.  Through the lavish landscapes you cannot escape the English way of life as you are warmly greeted by the thick accents of England’s residents and hear the common use of British terminologies which seem like another language in itself.  However, by exploring such a unique world, it is quite easy to become hypnotized by the powerful English lifestyles.

A place of thrilling activities and sites, England is truly an adventure seeker’s paradise.  From its famous landmarks to hidden treasures, there are a plethora of exciting attractions worth exploring.  Trails made of cobblestone take you on a journey to England’s everlasting customs and provide panoramic sceneries of the countries charming historical background.  Get up close to the royal family as you catch a glimpse of the Buckingham Palace in all its majesty.

The city of Oxford is home to the famous university bearing its name, Ashmolean Museum (the first public museum), and Blenheim Palace which has entertained English nobilities and contains the room where Winston Churchill was born. Smell the wonderful flowers of the Botanical Gardens in Cambridge or visit the city’s museums that display ancient artifacts from fossils to Chinese art.  Decorated with mystical Roman, Gothic, and Victorian structures, The Shambles in York has been chosen as the prettiest street in Britain.

The romantic city of Chester overflows with a medieval atmosphere, where art lovers can feast their eyes on the skillful works of local and international artists proudly displayed in the Watergate Street Gallery.  You may even see the appearance of a castle lurking in the distance. Escape the hustle and bustle of the vibrant cities of England and head to the peaceful countryside and bask in the country’s natural beauty.  With miles of magnificent surroundings dotted with significant landmarks gives Windsor Palace its old charm; so wonderful are its accommodations, even the Queen cannot resist its beauty.

Throughout the cities of England are vibrant cafes, markets, and stores that offer a taste of English culture.  Whether you are sipping on strong English tea or collecting souvenirs, the shopping districts offer an extraordinary experience.  From international merchandise to “made in England” products you cannot visit this country without indulging in sweet Cadbury chocolates and feeling rich fabrics flow through your fingers.  So exhilarating are the shopping districts, fashionistas will have the time of their lives purchasing authentic English knickknacks and trends. England’s nightlife is also a thrilling way to socialize with locals.  Quaint bars and clubs provide an array of England’s signature drinks while recorded music or live bands drowns out the chatter and laughter of the excited visitors.

England is known to produce unique cultural temptations.  The chic restaurants provide an array of specialties drenched with English ingredients and flavors such as fish and chips, pies, and buns.  Chefs are also masters at preparing multicultural feasts to satisfy their cautious food critics.  Whether you take part in a champagne breakfast or dine on England’s popular cuisines, there is an endless supply of food choices that will make your mouth water.

England experiences a mild humid climate.  During the spring (March-May) the weather is typically cool and temperatures average around the 50s with expected snowfall.  In summer (June-August) the weather fluctuates between the high 80s and low 60s.  Throughout the fall (September-November) the temperature ranges from the low 30s to mid 50s.  During the winter (December- February) the weather averages from the low 30s to low 50s.

Traveling throughout England is relatively easy. England has several airports that service flights to other European cities and destinations all around the world.  Ferries provide transportation to Ireland, France, Belgium, and The Netherlands. The Eurostar is a fast paced train that travels to France and Belgium with connecting service to other European locations.  Trains and buses are a less expensive way to travel throughout England and Europe.  Travelling by Megabus or Megatrain is a great way to tour England’s interesting cities and various European places such as Amsterdam and Aberdeen.  Traveline is also convenient to visit London and other cities in Europe.  Britrail England Pass travels to many tourist attractions in England.  Cycling is also a great way to enjoy the country’s picturesque landscape.  However, taking a leisurely walk is a relaxing and flexible way to discover England’s precious jewels.