Welcome to Eleuthera Island, home to the rugged and beautiful.  It is a Caribbean paradise and a Bahamian beauty, luring travelers into its idyllic realm with a colorful culture and lackadaisical soul.  The island’s atmosphere is infused by the rich aromas of Caribbean cuisine, while calypso rhythms can be heard only ear shot away.  Here, time passes by slowing; allowing its guests to enjoy every minute of its sun kissed pink sugary shores and hidden treasures.  Eleuthera Island, Bahamas is heaven on earth for travelers in need of a carefree getaway as the waves of the ocean gently washes away any unwarranted stress. 

Lapped by the blue Caribbean Sea Shore and Atlantic Ocean, Eleuthera one of the beautiful out-islands of the Bahamas.  The island is made up of mainly fishermen and farmers who reside in the charming villages of Eleuthera’s North and South divisions.  Eleuthera---meaning freedom in Greek, embraces this way-of-life in every sense of the word.  The island welcomes travelers to vacation care-free whether enjoying its barefoot luxuries on the beaches or rummaging through its past in its iconic landmarks.

Eleuthera has a spectrum of attractions that contribute to its uniqueness.  Snorkelers will be dazzled by the shipwrecks of James Cistern Beach; the pink sugary beaches of Harbour Island are a favorite among fishers and swimmers; Preachers Cave and Hatchet Bay Cave are remarkable presentations of natural splendor; and the Glass Window Bridge provides impressive views of the Atlantic as well as the Exuma Sound.  Also known as the “Pineapple Capital of the World”, you do not want to miss the eventful Pineapple Festival or tour some of the island’s pineapple plantations.

The cuisine of Eleuthera is a feast for the senses.  From street barbeques to chic restaurants, the Bahamian-fare is a sniff away.  The gastronomic experience of the island consists of traditional flavors from the sea as well as conch and jerk specialties.  For island favorites head to the Blue Bar for culinary treats like conch fritters or stone crab claws.  The Dunmore Restaurant also overflows with island specialties like Cornish chicken and jerk chicken penne pasta.  Whether peculiar or familiar, Eleuthera is a food lover’s paradise. 

Eleuthera experiences a savanna tropical climate.  From June to October (warm season) the temperatures averages from highs in the mid-80s to lows around the mid 70s.  During December to March (cold season) the weather fluctuates between highs mid-70s and lows in the mid-60s.

With one highway (Queen’s), there is nothing stopping you from discovering the treasures of Eleuthera Island.  Taxis are convenient and the drivers serve as human dictionaries, providing useful information about the island as you venture to your desired destination.  Car rental is available for tourists wanting to travel at their own pace (many streets may not have signs).  For travelers wanting to island hop, ferries are accessible from Harbour Island.  Nevertheless, Eleuthera can also be explored on foot.