Located in the fascinating country of Mexico, Copper Canyon remarkably echoes the beauty reflected from its cluster of majestic canyons situated in the Sierra Madre Range.  A region of history and charm, this impressive destination sparkles with such a powerful presence, hypnotizing whoever enters its realm.   Its unique rock formations beckon for you to climb their highest peaks and behold the exquisite unspoiled sights covering 37,000 square miles.  From waterfalls to bird watching, the traditions of Copper Canyon are uniquely defined by its many adventures bursting at the seams with culture.  So, shutterbugs get your cameras ready to capture spectacular sights from this Mexican treasure; and come discover what makes Copper Canyon, Mexico, a perfect destination for every thrill seeker.

Affectionately known as Sierra Tarahumara by its locals, Copper Canyon is measured at approximately four times larger than the Grand Canyon, with elevations as high as 8000 ft above sea level.  The area has a large population of Tarahumara natives, who reside in the region’s remote caves and hills. However, they welcome their guests with open arms to explore their heritage and diverse attractions.  At 1,486 feet high, Cascada Pierda Volada (Flying Stone) is the tallest waterfall in Mexico and the 11th in the world.  The Valley of the Frogs and Valley of the Mushrooms impress visitors with their decorations of exquisite rock towers.  Copper Canyon’s museums celebrate its primeval era with many interesting exhibitions.   Elevated at 26 feet atop a hill, the white statue of Escultura de Cristo Rey also offers picturesque views of the region’s surroundings.  Dotted with such electrifying adventures, the culture of Copper Canyon is inescapable.

The shops and markets of Copper Canyon are filled with the talented handicrafts of its locals.  Known for their weaving skills, its inhabitants are happy to share their traditional Mexican handiwork with you.  The region has several bars and nightclubs speckled throughout its towns, offering Mexico’s finest beverages like tequila and wine.

The gastronomic experience of Copper Canyon is a cultural occasion that brings locals and tourists together.  You cannot visit Mexico without sinking your teeth into some of its amazing cuisine.  Restaurants like El Castillo as well as La Fonda Restaurant bless their visitors with authentic Mexican delicacies.  However, there is also a selection of international restaurants, if you are craving something different.  The culinary temptations of Copper Canyon are a special treat and they provide a wide spectrum of flavors for everyone to enjoy.

Copper Canyon experiences a semi-arid steppe climate.  During the warm season (May to July) the weather maintains an average high in the 90s and a low within the 60s.  In the cold season (November to February) the temperature ranges between a daily high in the 60s and a low in the 30s. 

There are several ways to navigate throughout Copper Canyon’s diverse landscape.  The Chihuahua al Pacífico (El Chepe) is the main train system that connects the cities of Copper Canyon, as well as the rest of Mexico to its mountainous regions.   Hummer tours and horseback rides are also an exciting way to visit the rugged cliffs and rivers.  Nevertheless, the best way to explore the region’s hidden treasures is with an adventurous hike.