Acapulco, Mexico
Long before the popularity of Cancun had spiked among tourists, Acapulco was the original Mexican resort town. Still a hugely popular tourist destination, Acapulco sits on Mexico’s Pacific coast and is bordered by the rugged Sierra Madre mountains and stunning Acapulco Bay. Even among the…   read more

Bahia Drake, Costa Rica
Painted with giant trees, fascinating coves, and silky beaches, Bahia Drake embodies the definition of a tropical paradise.  Miles of dense forest leading to the endless sea offer a plethora of outdoor adventures from kayaking to horseback riding among the exotic wildlife that can be found…   read more

Though best known as a world-class snorkeling and diving location, Belize also offers spectacular natural attractions and the authenticity of a genuine Caribbean getaway. Nestled between Mexico and Guatemala on the Caribbean coast of Central America, Belize is one of the few remaining unspoiled…   read more

Belize City, Belize
A cultural and commercial hub, Belize City glistens at the foot of a peninsula in Belize, Central America.  Its vibrant atmosphere echoes the heritage of its friendly inhabitants, who can be seen partaking in the city’s traditions and rich amenities.  There is plenty to explore…   read more

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Located at the tip of the 1,000-mile Baja California peninsula, this once rough and rustic outpost has morphed into one of Mexico’s most elite resorts and a thriving port of call on the Mexican Riviera. With its large marina and beautiful bay, Cabo San Lucas combines spectacular scenery with…   read more

Campeche, Mexico
If you do not believe in love at first sight, then you have not seen Campeche.  A treasure chest buried on the Yucatan Peninsula, Campeche conserves many of Mexico’s most priceless jewels.  From pristine beaches executing brilliant backdrops of orange sunsets to the classical…   read more

Cancun, Mexico
As one of the most popular beach destinations in North America, Cancun, Mexico, is famous for its turquoise waters, white-sand shores, luxury hotels and endless nightlife. Cancun is a part of the state of Quintana Roo, or Mexican Caribbean, which attracts over two million visitors to this Mayan…   read more

Copper Canyon, Mexico
Located in the fascinating country of Mexico, Copper Canyon remarkably echoes the beauty reflected from its cluster of majestic canyons situated in the Sierra Madre Range.  A region of history and charm, this impressive destination sparkles with such a powerful presence, hypnotizing whoever…   read more

Costa Rica
Lush Costa Rica, rich in biodiversity and natural bounty showcased in its numerous national parks, is a paradise for animal and nature lovers alike. More than 25 percent of the country consists of national parks and protected areas. Visitors can take an eerie hike through humid Monteverde Cloud…   read more

Cozumel, Mexico
Jacques Cousteau is credited with introducing Cozumel to the world as a premier dive site in 1961 when he filmed a documentary on its stupendous coral reefs. Since then, this largest of Mexico’s islands located in the Caribbean, has grown into a leading dive and vacation destination. One…   read more

El Salvador
El Salvador, the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America, primarily attracts tourists who are interested in its black-sand beaches and surfing, and its vibrant nightlife. In recent years, the El Salvador government has placed more of an emphasis on tourism, and is enjoying a…   read more

Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Sitting in the midst of beautiful beaches, tropical rainforests, glorious mountainsides and majestic volcanoes is Guanacaste, Costa Rica, a true oasis.  Spend your days soaking in the sun and your nights engrossed in this destination’s vibrant nightlife, as this region makes your wildes…   read more

Guanajuato, Mexico
If you desire a vacation filled with culture and history, then Guanajuato is the destination for you.  This Mexican treasure is rich with sights offering insight into the city’s unique traditions.  From its winding roads lined with colorful baroque and neoclassical style…   read more

Guatemala is a relatively undiscovered treasure in Central America, offering a wide range of sights and experiences, from the Mayan history and culture, to the lush jungles and steaming volcanoes, to the uncrowded black-sand beaches. The largest country in Central America, Guatemala offers…   read more

Honduras is rapidly growing in popularity as a tourist destination, with its colonial villages, ancient Mayan ruins, spectacular natural parks and a Caribbean coastline with fabulous beaches and coral reefs offering exceptional opportunities for snorkeling and diving. From the breathtaking sunsets…   read more

Huatulco, Mexico
Huatulco in Mexico is just as beautiful as it is harmonious.  Leave your footprints in the sand as the splash of the ocean lures you into its azure depths, listen to the soothing sounds of exotic birds fill the atmosphere with their melodious chirping, and delve into the archeological gems…   read more

Ixtapa, Mexico
Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo are unique sister resort towns a few miles apart along Mexico’s deep-blue central Pacific Coast known as the Mexican Riviera. They share an international airport and miles of beaches. Zihuatanejo is the original settlement and actual town. Ixtapa was built as a resort…   read more

La Paz, Mexico
Stretched alongside the sparkling Sea of Cortes, La Paz is a unique city blessed with miles of unspoiled scenery.  It is one of Mexico’s most precious gems, with natural beauty reflected from its desert surroundings, pristine beaches, nearby islands, and antique preservations. This…   read more

Loreto, Mexico
Completely immersed in beauty, Loreto is the true definition of a Mexican paradise, enticing drifters with its luxurious combinations of land and sea.  Come explore the narrow streets dotted with colonial architecture, which do little to hide the backdrops of majestic cliffs.  With the…   read more

Los Cabos, Mexico
At the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico, the red desert collides with the confluence of the cobalt blue waters of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. This is where Los Cabos is located. Peak season is November to February and in calving season (January to March) you may…   read more

Mazatlan, Mexico
Set at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains on a peninsula that reaches into the Pacific Ocean, Mazatlan, Mexico is one of the Mexican Riviera’s leading resort areas. It has a festive atmosphere and a wealth of outdoor activities. Mazatlan is also the largest port in Mexico, both for…   read more

Merida, Mexico
Merida’s cobblestone trails echo the joyful sounds of spectators waiting for the carnival to begin.  It is a time to laugh, dance, and sing as the city’s main square overflows with such a royal Mexican celebration, lasting for eight days.   The carnival commences with th…   read more

Mexico isn’t just for popular Spring Break getaways - it’s a country rich in culture, cuisine, history and immense natural beauty. Marvel at a 1,300-year-old Mayan pyramid within the ruin-strewn ancient city of Chichen Itza. Visit the Casa Azul museum and surround yourself with the…   read more

Mexico City, Mexico
This city’s zocalo, or central plaza, contains the remains of an Aztec pyramid, a colonial church, and a sleek modern office building. Mexico City, Mexico is filled with a vibrant melding of fascinating history, proud culture and urban energy. This is the oldest metropolis on the American…   read more

Michoacan, Mexico
Highly recognized as The Soul of Mexico, Michoacán’s true essence lies in the hands of its warm locals who proudly honor the spirit of their deceased loved ones as much as the living.  Even butterflies are drawn to the land and add to the beauty that already dominates its entire…   read more

Morelia, Mexico
Since the 16th century, the city of Morelia has maintained a beauty captured by its elegant décor of monolithic architecture.  This enchanting treasure attracts a multitude of tourists who become overwhelmed by the wealth of history and culture that flows through Morelia’s vibran…   read more

Tourism is a booming business in Nicaragua, growing by up to 20 percent per year. Visitors come for the fabulous beaches, snorkeling and diving, eco-tourism, colonial cities, nightlife and a relatively low cost of living. Some of the more popular tourist destinations in this “Land of Lakes…   read more

Tourism is a rapidly growing industry in Panama, attracting more than one million visitors every year. The ease of travel into and around the small country allows visitors to experience two oceans, enjoy the mountains and rainforests, learn about native cultures and sample the vibrant nightlife --…   read more

Panama Canal, Panama
“Honoring the past by building the future” is the idea that the Panama Canal was created on, and it continues to uphold this belief.  The vision of this heroic achievement was brought to life in 1914, after years of dreaming, planning and constructing what would eventually lead to…   read more

Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Completely surrounded by beauty, Playa del Carmen is a small city with a big heart.  Spend your days with sand at your feet and the wind in your hair, as the multicolored ocean gently brushes against your skin.  This picture-perfect paradise is a golden treasure charming its guests with…   read more

Puebla, Mexico
The tallest sanctuary in Mexico, Our Lady of the Immaculate Consumption is completely adorned in architectural majesty.  From its striking façade to the marble floors, its impeccable features dazzle its spectators as they try to grasp the beauty executed from its 240-feet towers and…   read more

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Nestled against the Pacific Ocean, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is a world-renown, top-rated vacation destination. A true melting pot of the old world and the new, this resort town offers authentic Mexican culture and cuisine alongside all-inclusive luxury villas and hotels, spectacular water sports…   read more

Riviera Maya, Mexico
A true vacationer’s paradise, Riviera Maya, Mexico, consists of a 75-mile stretch of tropical oasis that runs along the Yucatan Peninsula. Bordered by the powdery beaches and gentle waves of the Caribbean Sea, the region includes the major tourist destination of Cancun, along with Playa del…   read more

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico
San Cristobal de las Casas is a colonial masterpiece settled in a lush valley and bordered by striking mountainsides.  With such a pleasant mixture of architectural beauty and natural wonder, this fascinating Mexican city is nothing short of extraordinary.  The Mayan heritage outpours it…   read more

San Jose, Costa Rica
San Jose, the capital and largest city of Costa Rica, lies in the heart of Central Valley and is the focal point for the major economic and political activity within the country. A bustling city nestled inside a tropical paradise, San Jose is known as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Central…   read more

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Radiantly painted on the canvases of many artists, the city of San Miguel de Allende is a stunning work of art.  Its façade has attracted the interest of historians and art lovers who become entranced by the city’s colonial flair and picturesque gardens dotted with laurel…   read more