If you do not believe in love at first sight, then you have not seen Campeche.  A treasure chest buried on the Yucatan Peninsula, Campeche conserves many of Mexico’s most priceless jewels.  From pristine beaches executing brilliant backdrops of orange sunsets to the classical antiques concealing ancient secrets of its Mayan ancestors, this destination’s diverse surroundings begs to be explored.  Campeche’s picture-perfect atmosphere offers vacationers a delightful mix of pleasure and relaxation preserved in its many faces of culture prevailing throughout the restaurants, shops, and highlights.  Campeche, Mexico is truly a feast for all five senses; and a place where its heritage is uniquely bonded by the past and present.

With its feet firmly planted in the Caribbean as well as the Gulf of Mexico and its dense forests almost touching the sky, come see why Campeche is famously recognized as the “hidden treasure of the Yucatan.”  Campeche is one of the three states of the Peninsula in Mexico; it is made up of a cluster of different towns, and boasts a vibrant capital bearing its name.

 Much of the state’s flat landscape displays evidence left from its interesting heritage.  Museums, archeological ruins, caves, and baroque structures serve as mirrors reflecting Campeche’s early civilization.  As a major port, Campeche City attracted pirates who were in search of riches.  Nevertheless, the city continues to glisten with architectural gems like musical fountains and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Conception.  Stretched along the shore of the sparkling Gulf of Mexico, the Ciudad Del Carmen‘s port overflows with delicious seafood.  Nature lovers would enjoy the Calakmul, an archeological reservation of Mexico’s exotic jungles.  For a glance into the Mayan lifestyle, the Balamkú and Edzna ruins burst at the seams with history and they are fascinatingly draped in architectural mystique.  Speckled with many enchanting adventures, discovering Campeche is an exciting experience, which eternally immerses visitors and locals in its unforgotten history.

Shopping in Campeche is a must!  Nourish the memories of your wonderful trip with trendy collectibles.  Situated behind every door are colorful souvenirs such as hammocks, fashions, jewelry, even cigarette cases stamped with “made in Campeche” labels.  So take a break from sightseeing and empty your wallets on Campeche’s genuine merchandise, fit for every pocket.  At night this peaceful destination transforms into an adrenaline-pumping hot spot.  Clubs and bars entice socialites with their festive music and signature cocktails.

The culinary temptations of Campeche are a treat for every pallet.  Chefs create masterpieces drenched in regionally grown Spanish ingredients and spices.  Foods like empanadas, pibil pork with beans and rice, escabeche vine leaves, and an assortment of shrimp delicacies, are among the multiplicity of specialties found on the menus at the local restaurants.  Cooked to perfection, Campeche’s cuisines are ready for you to sink your teeth into its luscious flavors.

During the period of a year, Campeche experiences a tropical savanna climate.  In the months of April to June (warmest season), the weather maintains an average temperature from a high in the mid-90s to a low of 74°F.  From November to February (coldest season), the temperatures fluctuate between an everyday high of 85°F and an average low in the 60s.

There are a number of ways to navigate throughout the State.  If you are traveling to Campeche by plane, Mexico City is the main door to Mexico’s wide range of destinations.  Car rentals are available to travel flexibly.  Public buses provide inter-city transportation; and El Chepe offers rides to some of Mexico’s attractions in addition to the cities situated in the mountains.  Also, Campeche’s sceneries and pleasant weather are greatly enjoyed with a relaxing stroll.