Burnie, Australia, the “land of the makers” is worth every bit of discovery.  It is home to the dexterous, a city of colorful contrast flowing from the bottom of its turquoise ocean to the aromatic scents of auburn whisky overpowering its distilleries.  It is a destination wanting its visitors to stop and smell the flowers of the Rhododendron Garden; and where paper making is not only an art but a fashion.  Burnie will dazzle your soul with its never-ending charisma, it will uplift your spirit with the artistry of its natives, as well as marvel you senses with its gourmet dairy products.  It is a city to be admired; a wilderness for the untamed; and a refreshing beauty, authentically touching the hearts of its guests with its unforeseen wealth of treasures.

Burnie’s residents are more than happy to call this city home, as they proudly showcase the rich culture skillfully pouring from their hands.  Sitting on the most western area of the state island of Tasmania in Australia, Burnie’s history was fully awakened by the adventures of Captain James Cook.  With a vibrant port by its side, the city uses its resources wisely by introducing the world to its rich produce of paper, malt whiskey, as well as cheese. 

Exploring the city of Burnie will be a fun walk in the park.  From museums and art galleries to beaches and Alpaca & Animal Park, the city is filled with many faces of culture.  Its different workshops allow tourists to explore the wonders of the makers, while the Fernglade transports its guests on a magical journey through nature.  The Burnie Regional Museum is a fascinating trip to the city’s past with an array of exhibitions giving insight into its prehistoric civilization. 

Burnie’s shopping districts are a great way to take home a bit of the Australian heritage.  Its shops are known for their authenticity, colorfully bursting at the seams with souvenirs fit for every pocket. With the scents of the sea and coffee intoxicating the atmosphere, they summon all shoppers to familiarize themselves with the special treats Burnie has to offer.  The gastronomy of Burnie is a mixture of regionally grown foods and international influences blended together to form flavors that will burst in your mouth from the very first bite.

Burnie is characterized by a mild temperate climate.  During December to February (summer) its temperatures experience highs around 75°F and lows of 50°F.  From May to August (winter) the weather fluctuates between a high of 60°F and an average low of 45°F.

Burnie Airport is the main gateway into the city. For passengers cruising into the city, there are shuttle buses available to reach Burnie’s shopping areas and major attractions.  Local buses are also accessible for transportation to the city’s highlights and taxis service travel at a more flexible rate. Car rental is ideal for travelers wanting to explore on their own, just remember Australians drive on the left side of the road.