With its feet sunken in an inlet, bay, and sea, Bunbury, Australia’s natural beauty can be seen from all directions.  It is the perfect combination of land and water, a timeless adventure for the passionate traveler who relishes in the tranquility of nature.  Bunbury is a coastal city, nestled in the heart of the South West region of Western Australia.  Its marina brings ageless legends to life and holds the key to the city’s long history and modern civilization.  It is a destination where dolphins bid you hello and summon you into their turquoise habitats to play.  It is also an ideal location to experience world-class shopping and delicious delicacies.  Bunbury offers many thrilling adventures which are designed to fulfill your deepest desires tastefully.

The story of Bunbury dates back to the early 1800s when Europeans first stumbled upon its sandy shores. However, its economy grew as the gold rush became essential, driving the port to gain the status of a town.  As a major export for the South West, Bunbury continues to look to the future, while transforming the city into the vibrant cosmopolitan that exists today. 

Bunbury’s landscape is filled with a great variety of attractions.  From frolicking with dolphins to smelling the sweet fragrances of vegetation in one of its forests, the city’s biodiversity will uplift any spirit.  Shipwreck Cove is a fascinating exhibition of 13 monolithic vessels buried in the sand.  Bunbury Regional Art Galleries offer a collection of masterpieces created by many of Australia’s skilful artists.  Built in the late 1800s, the Rose Hotel is a demonstration of historic architecture as its graces its spectators with a décor beautified with cast iron terraces, which offer panoramic views of the Port of Bunbury.

Shopping in Bunbury is every shopaholic’s dream.  As a major shopping district of the South West region, fashionistas will be able to cure their addictions at the CBD with trendy clothing, souvenirs, jewelry, and knickknacks from the city’s numerous boutiques, stores, and shopping malls.    The nightlife of Bunbury means great food, entertainment, and conversations as locals and tourists come together under the diamond-filled sky.

Bunbury’s gastronomy will tantalize every taste bud.  In its eateries you will find an array of tasty dishes from fish and chips to delicacies infused by multicultural influences.  Victoria Street is intoxicated by the aromatic cuisines flowing throughout its restaurants and breweries.  Marlston Waterfront also has its share of plentiful restaurants while providing majestic sights of the Koombana Bay.

Bunbury experiences a Mediterranean climate.  During December to March (summer) its temperatures face a high around 90 °F and decreases to a low of 65°F.  From June to September (winter) the weather fluctuates between a high of 65°F to a low slightly above 40°F.

Getting around Bunbury via tour or car rental is a great way to travel comfortably and explore its unique attractions.