Broome, Australia is an exotic concoction of Australian beauty immersed in culture, color, and history.  It is heaven on earth for the avid traveler beaming with pearls buried in its veins as it blazes a trail into the timeless landscape of the Kimberley.  You will be summoned to the crimson hills of Gantheaume Point to witness the ancient footprints deserted by dinosaurs, in addition to Cable Beach to explore its barefoot luxuries atop a camel ride across its white sand or in the depths of its deep blue waters.  Broome is an easygoing town with a vibrant attitude bringing the past and present together to fulfill your vacation pleasures.  It is the ideal destination to observe ancient discoveries and natural wonders, while they marvel your senses and unfold their majesty right before your very eyes. 

Highly recognized as the ‘pearl of the north’ Broome has played an important role in Western Australia for centuries.  Its pearling industry has led to an influx of ethnic settlers, which has transformed Broome into the cultural melting pot that exists today.  From exquisite rock formations to legendary thrills, this Australian paradise is a force to be reckoned with.  Head to Chinatown to see the famous pearl in all of its glory as its showrooms bask in the sparkle of the iconic gem.  Chinatown is also dotted with a variety of shops, introducing tourists to eclectic souvenirs made by hand and from the heart.  The Broome Historical Museum as well as the Heritage Center serves as memoirs of Broome’s primitive traditions; and its galleries celebrates the skillful artistry of its Aboriginal ancestors.   During the months of March to December the sky is illuminated by the low tide of the Roebuck Bay and full moon causing the impeccable Staircase to the Moon. 

Sightseeing in Broome can definitely work up an appetite.  Restaurants like Matso's Broome Brewery and Restaurant encourage hearty food lovers to follow the electric aromas of Broome’s signature wine, beer, and cuisine infused by traditional ingredients and flavors, which make the town’s gastronomic experience unique. 

Broome is characterized by a semi-arid steppe climate.  During the months of December to March (wet season) the temperatures fluctuate between a high in the mid-90s to a low within the mid-70s.  From April to November (dry season) the weather averages around the mid-80s to a low of the upper-50s.

Broome’s pleasant weather and location makes traveling throughout the town relatively easy.  Broome International Airport is the main doorway into the town as well as many other destinations across the globe.  The local bus provides daily transportation to Cable Beach.  Taxis are also available and will transport you to your desired location.  Its flat surface is ideal for bikers and trekkers wanting to experience Broome’s treasures up close.