Beauty and tranquility only begins to describe the magnificence of Brønnøysund, Norway. Stretched along the Helgeland Coast, this coastal city boasts an impressive marina reflecting the colorful atmosphere illustrated amid its backdrops.  Brønnøysund magically spellbinds every visitor with its array of attractions, never losing their splendor with each drifting traveler.  It is an old city with a modern outlook, where history and culture join forces to enrich your journey along its picturesque trails.  Whether on land or water, Brønnøysund will transform your every vacation dreams into reality by marveling your senses with old European charm, while alluring you with its naturalistic appeal.

From its verdant mountainous sceneries to its majestic inlets and nearby islands, Brønnøysund is completely adorned in exoticness.  Its wealth is focused around its marina, taking full advantage of the fishing and aquatic adventures lurking in the depths of the water.  Set in the middle of Norway, this pocket-sized beauty’s surroundings can be enjoyed from all directions, thrusting tourists at the feet of Brønnøysund’s sights.  The Nosvik Church pays homage to the past as one of the earliest wooden sanctuaries in Norway.  A tour to Torghatten Mountain will be an unforgettable experience, as you gaze through the mountain’s grand opening measuring over 400 feet long.  The cave paintings of the Skåren-Monsen are a well-preserved display of antiquity, while the Norwegian Aquaculture Center is a unique look into the city’s fish industry. 

Food lovers can enjoy an electric mix of cuisines when dining in the city.  From European delicacies to international specialties, there is a taste for every pallet.  Brønnøysund’s cozy restaurants overflow with sweet-smelling aromas drenched in local ingredients and spices inviting locals and tourists alike to indulge in their rich flavors.

Brønnøysund is characterized by a moist continental climate.  From June to September (warm season) the temperatures face a high around 60°F and a low of 50°F.  During November to March (cold season) the weather fluctuates between a high of 40 °F to a low of 30°F at night.

Located a few kilometers from its center, Brønnøysund Airport is the major doorway into the city providing domestic flights to Oslo, Trondheim, as well as Bodo. Bus connections are available to various destinations within Norway such as Sandnessjøe and Stokkvågen.  Sailing on the Hurigruten offers majestic views across the Arctic Circle.  Local ferries also travel to neighboring Norwegian destinations.  Brønnøysund’s landscape is perfect for bike riding and for strolling along its charming trails.