Out of the veins of Britannia Beach’s mine emerged a fascinating town deeply rooted in history.  The Mine Museum is the heart of Britannia Beach, showering the impact of copper mining on all of its guests.  Upon discovery, the museum will transport you on a magical journey through the eyes of Dr. Forbes, who embarked on the area’s riches in 1888.  With each step, Britannia Mine Museum’s mountainous décor will enlighten your path with historical facts as well as insightful exhibitions highlighting the treasures found in this iconic landmark.  The role of mining has left a deep footprint in Britannia Beach, Canada.  The town has surfaced into one of Canada’s valued gems, shining its artsy glamour on whoever relishes through its streets.

Set in the Squamish Lillooet Regional District of British Colombia, Britannia Beach has inspired a long past as a business town, setting its sights on the rich copper, gold and other stones implanted in the Britannia Mountains.  The town continuously honors its Squamish inheritance, which is proudly paraded across its historic buildings and surroundings.  Its quaint stores are a platform for its locals to showcase their skillful crafts using art as a form of expression as well as an introduction into their colorful culture with local handicrafts, woodworks, pottery and clothing.  Britannia’s restaurants are also infused with the Squamish flavor providing a mix of foods from seafood to juicy burgers.

Britannia Beach experiences a humid temperate climate.  From June to September (summer) the weather fluctuates between a high in the mid-70s to a low within the upper-50s.  During November to February (winter) the temperature averages from mid-40s to the low-30s at night.

Greyhound Canada provides transportation throughout Canada.  It is also convenient to drive within Britannia Beach and its surrounding areas.  It is also enjoyable to tour its beautiful scenery by talking a leisurely stroll.