The city of Brindisi blazes its own trail into the East as an important trading port in Italy.  Its unique beauty is reflected from the crystal waters of its vibrant harbor, sparking the interest of the Greeks, Romans and other groups, who were determined to seize its rich treasures.  Brindisi continues to attract a multitude of onlookers who are drawn to the tranquil sounds of its bays crashing into the Adriatic Sea.  It is an old city with a warm heart, where iconic gems embrace the legendary souls of the past, while its multihued marina captures the mystique of the future.  Brindisi, Italy is filled by the harmonious flow of the Italian language and the splendor surrounding its landscape, which never loses its luster with each passing tourist.  The city beckons every inquisitive passenger to explore all that this ancient Italian beauty has to offer.

Brindisi nestles in the region of Apulia on Italy’s heel.  Its long history is depicted through artistic expression displayed in its iconic antiques and beams within the traditions of the city’s passionate locals.  Its winding roads may seem like a maze at first, but with perseverance travelers will become more familiar with its ancient Messapian culture with each step.  From remote territories to the sun-kissed coastline, Brinidisi offers something for every interest.  Built in Baroque décor, Brindisi’s Cathedral displays furnishings of an ancient wooden chair and mosaic floor.  The Swabian Castle provides impressive views of the port and hosts to some of the city’s most important cultural affairs.  The Roman Columns are testament of the impact of Roman infrastructure and paves the way into the city’s medieval center, while the Brindisi Castle conceals timeless legends of historical events. 

Becoming accustomed to Brindisi’s narrow trails can definitely work up an appetite.  Its restaurants are eager to please your senses with authentic Italian dishes.  Delicious temptations like bluefish, pasta, pizza, blue sweet pea, and seabass are simmered with olive oil as well as fresh vegetables and prepared in Italian style.  With a bottle of Italy’s luxurious wines, eat like the Romans as you savor every bite of Brindisi’s rich flavors.

Brindisi is characterized by a Mediterranean climate.  The city’s warm season is typically dry lasting from June to September and experiences temperatures in the mid-80s to a low in the 70s at night.  During November to March (cold season) the weather ranges between a high in the upper 50s and low-40s.

Papola Casale Airport is the main gateway into the city. Brindisi is also accessible via ferry and train from other destinations within Italy and the rest of Europe.   Buses also service transportation to an array of Italian cities.  Renting a car makes it easy to navigate through the city; however, its historic center and narrow roads can be explored on foot.