The story of Bremerhaven, Germany began in 1827 upon the coast of the River Weser and the North Sea.  Although a modern city, it has emerged from a long history infused by the tantalizing fragrances of seafood flowing from its marina in addition to the souls of its profound sailors.  Its strategic position has also driven the city into the front of German trade, making it a major international trading and shipbuilding hub.  With a heritage highlighted in a unique fashion, it draws a multiplicity of tourists to its seafaring attractions speckled throughout its landscape.  Bremerhaven is a captivating treasure bringing history, culture, and beauty amid its array of world-class adventures appealing to every interest. 

Taking up the majority of the German’s North Sea coast sits Bremerhaven, one of German’s newest foundations.  As the need for international trading and shipping increased, so did the desires of a substantial port city, which led to its establishment.  Since then it has transformed into a vibrant destination, where many people and sights call home.  There is more to the city that meets the eye, as museums, ships, galleries, churches, as well as lighthouses offer a journey into its colorful past.  The German Immigration Center follows the voyage of many people who migrated to the New World from Bremerhaven’s in search of a better life.  Draped in Gothic beauty, the Simon Loschen Lighthouse is one of the city’s oldest attractions.  The Zoo at the Sea is also an impressive showcase of polar bears, seals, and polar foxes within arm’s length.  With a plethora of thrills, there will be no reason to miss what Bremerhaven has in store.

You cannot visit Bremerhaven without indulging in its frenzy shopping areas.  The iconic building of the Columbus Center brings fashionistas and shopaholics together with its pedesrianized ambiance and trendy merchandise.  Decorated in Mediterranean décor, the Mediteraneo charms its guests with beautiful water fountains, a verdant piazza, picturesque architecture, great food and chic stores.  While eating in the midst of shopping can be fun, visitors can also take the time to savor the tastes of Bremerhaven’s rich foods freshly caught from its harbors while enjoying the cultural entertainment on display.

 Bremerhaven is characterized by a humid temperate climate.  From May to September (warm season) the temperatures fluctuate from a high in the mid-70s to a low within the 50s.  During November to February (cold season) the weather averages between a high of low 40s and the upper 20s.

Regional Airport Bremerhaven and Bremen International Airport are the major gateways into the city.  Connecting train and bus services are available for exploring Bremerhaven’s neighboring destinations.  Ship excursions provide backdrops of the city’s landscape and are accessible from its docks.  Bremerhaven also boasts a selection of bicycle trails, offering tourists the opportunity to discover its scenic surroundings while keeping off the vacation pounds.