A splendid maritime town, Boothbay is one of Maine’s hidden surprises, but certainly never forgotten.  Showcasing a harbor full of seafood and painted with colorful boats, it is no wonder why its population takes a dramatic soar during the summer.   Whether you explore this small village on land or water and meet “the souls of the coast” (its inhabitants), Boothbay Harbor will draw you into its magical realm as magnificence and charm appear in the forefront of its winding roads and picturesque views.  Boothbay Harbor, Maine invites every inquisitive traveler to discovery why it is highly recognized as the “Boating Capital of New England.” It is an exciting destination as well as a natural playground, overflowing with many treasures wandering throughout its restaurants, boutiques, and classical antiques.

Known historically as Townsend, Boothbay Harbor has become a tourist magnet where travelers can set sail along its tranquil rivers as the sunset reflects a vibrant display of colors or watch a live performance at the iconic Opera House.  The Maine State Aquarium is a fascinating aquatic show of Boothbay Harbor’s interesting marine life which includes lobsters, fish, as well as shrimp.  The Boothbay Region Historical Society is a journey into the town’s history.   Also, don’t miss the chance to float above the water as you take a leisurely stroll on the 1,000 foot walkway of its footbridge.  With such a pleasant mixture of land and water, you may need to prolong your stay in order to experience all that Boothbay Harbor has to offer.

Shopping in Boothbay Harbor is a special treat for every shopaholic.  Antique souvenirs, handmade jewelry and fashions, local markets and grocery stores are within reach and offer convenience so travelers will not need to look elsewhere for anything.  Before emptying your wallets on Boothbay Harbor’s goods, head to its restaurants to feast on its world-class seafood and international dishes.  From an array of lobster specialties, oysters, mussels, and shrimp for seafood lovers to steak, burgers, and lamb for hearty meat eaters, its restaurants overflow with the wonder scents outpouring from its delicious cuisines. 

Boothbay Harbor experiences a humid continental climate.  The summers (June to September) are typically warm with temperatures averaging from a low of 60°F to a high of 80°F.  During the winter (December to March) is normally cold with the weather fluctuating between a low of 12°F to a high of 40°F.

Boothbay Harbor is a pleasant destination to take a relaxing drive or walk to explore its beautiful surroundings.  Yacht and boat rides are also available to cruise its crystal clear marina.  To get access into the city, Greyhound bus lines and Amtrak provide transportation from a variety of cities within the United States.