Referred to as the “second Mozart” at the age of seven, Ludwig van Beethoven’s fingers first embraced the keys of a piano in the city of Bonn.  Since his earliest performances, Beethoven achieved much fame as a classical composer and a musical connoisseur.  As the birthplace of Beethoven, Bonn, Germany takes great pride in honoring one of its most renowed citizens.  His spirit and talents are cherished through the streets with the Beethoven statue and sculpture, the Beethovenhalle (hall) as well as his former home, which serves as an open museum of his life, decorated with exhibitions and collections.  In addition, the Beethoven Festival pays homage to the pianist by allowing artists to celebrate his music with their own interpretations of his works.  Bonn is an inspiring destination, providing a journey of discovery with its preservations of many of Germany’s most fascinating treasures.

Known in antiquity as the capital of Germany, Bonn has become a major political and commercial center, housing a significant amount of UN and global offices.  Although the city no longer reigns as Germany’s capital, Bonn still plays a dynamic role in Germany as a cultural mecca of art and history.  From the Romans to the French, and a past dampened by war, its legacy begs to be discovered as festivals and iconic gems provide a glimpse into the city’s traditions. Take a stroll along the ‘Path of Democracy’ to see the city’s history come to life.  The Bonn Museum of Art magnetizes its audiences with its exquisite display of German art.  Rheinaue Park is an emerald beauty magnificently decorated with colorful flowers and home to an adventure and skateboard park, as well as offering an array of restaurants.  Also, do not miss the stunning annual Rhine in Flames Fireworks, which illuminate the sky during the summer.

The façade of Bonn’s main square (Marktplatz) is painted with an array of stores and stalls offering tourists the opportunity to take home a bit of the German culture.  Shopaholics should also visit the Bad Godeseberg district in addition to the Kaiserpassage Mall for a world-class shopping adventure.  With such a wide variety of shopping areas, the buying experience is undeniably a cultural phenomenon.  While sightseeing and shopping in Bonn is a thrill, you can definitely work up an appetite.  From cafes and pubs to restaurants, the city’s local chefs prepare delicious meals to cater to your appetite.  Whether you are in the mood for authentic German delicacies, Spanish or even Italian, its digestive dinners will quench any pallet.

Bonn experiences a humid temperate climate.  During its winter months of November to March, the temperatures average from a low of 40°F to a high of 50°F.  In the summer lasting from May to September, the weather fluctuates between a low of 60°F and a high of 77°F. 

Cologne Bonn International Airport and Frankfurt Airport are the main gateways into the city.  Buses and trains are accessible to reach other German cities as well as destinations throughout Europe.  Taxis can be flagged down from the streets and prices are typically fixed but increase with each kilometer driven.  Car rentals are also a convenient mode of transportation for tourists wanting to travel at their own pace.