As the sun glistens over the Mediterranean, Bodrum comes alive by the brilliant rays shining upon the faces of its friendly locals and emblematic jewels.  This Turkish beauty is adorned with a charismatic presence which flows from the bottom of the turquoise ocean to the 360 views sitting on top of its highest peaks.  Bodrum has been one of Turkey’s major driving forces, attracting many with its fascinating history and culture, prevailing since the Dorian Greeks first left their imprints on the town’s rich grounds.  With many legends to be solved and sights to see, this paradisiacal haven is waiting for you to explore all that it has to offer.  Bodrum, Turkey is undeniably a town where the past and present are magically intertwined to bring your wildest vacation dreams to life.

 Bodrum is a charming port city located on Bodrum peninsula in Turkey.  From the hands of the Carians and the Greeks to the Persians, Bodrum attracted several groups who were in awe of its trading potential and location.  As the capital of the Caria Kingdom, the town was known as Halicarnassus, which was also the birthplace of the Father of History, Herodotus.  However, Bodrum’s colorful past remains a significant event in the town’s present through the preservations of its iconic landmarks.  Overlooking the majestic sea, The Bodrum Castle of St. Peter is a medieval masterpiece, consisting of French, English, Italian as well as German towers; and houses The Museum of Underwater Archeology.   Decorated with over 10,000 seats and rock tombs, the ancient theater serves as a memoir of the Hellenistic and Romanesque eras.  One of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World, the Halicarnassos Mausoleum was built around 350 BC, in memoriam of the death of the satrap Mausolus.  Also, do miss the opportunity to venture to Bodrum’s neighboring beaches, to relax on the sand and dive in the deep blue depths of the Aegean Sea.

Bodrum is known for its extraordinary shopping experience.  Its trendy boutiques (bazaars) are filled to the brim with everything imaginable from jewelry and fabrics to tasty treats.  The skillful handicrafts of its locals are made with pleasure and aim to fit even the smallest pockets.  Whether you are in search of a souvenir for yourself or a loved one, there is a wide spectrum of surprises waiting behind every door.  As the night draws near, Turks and tourists alike wander to Bodrum’s many bars such as Halikarnas to experience an adrenaline pumping atmosphere overflowing with vibrant music, entertainment and Turkey’s trademark beverages.

The gastronomy of Bodrum is a special treat for those willing enough to taste its culinary riches.  Baklava, kebabs, a variety of meat specialties, and seafood are among the variety of mouthwatering dishes seasoned and cooked with Turkish ingredients and spices.  With the aromas of its fine delicacies bursting throughout the air, Bodrum’s cuisine is truly a feast all five senses. 

Bodrum experiences a Mediterranean climate with summers being typically hot and dry.  During the months of May to October (warm season) there is plenty of sunshine with the temperatures averaging from a high in the 90s to a low in the upper 70s.  In November to March (cold season) the weather is relatively mild fluctuating between a high in low 70s to mid 60s.

The town’s perfect weather makes navigating throughout its landscape quite easy.  Located in the Bodrum’s center, Bodrum Airport is the main gateway for travelers coming from abroad.  Minibuses are the most popular way to travel around Bodrum and to its neighboring communities.  Taxis are abundant from the airport as well as throughout the town and metered; however, it is suggested that passengers make requests about the price before beginning their journey.  Also, traveling through the town’s many hiking trails is a great way to bask in its pleasant weather and mingle with the locals.