Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and blessed with miles of sandy beaches reflecting its timeless beauty, Block Island is one of Rhode Island’s unnoticed possessions but never forgotten.  This pock-sized island is uniquely defined by its fascinating history and small community filled with friendly locals.  Here you can mix relaxation with pleasure as its winding roads are draped with boutiques, restaurants, and galleries, while the blue depths of its waters beckons for you to explore its aquatic playground through kayaking, swimming and fishing.  With such a tranquil atmosphere, it is no wonder why the island’s population takes a dramatic soar during its warmest seasons.  Block Island, Rhode Island is an ideal getaway for travelers wanting to enjoy a simpler lifestyle. 

Formerly called Manisses, Block Island’s soil and jagged cliffs were evidence left from glaciers.  Since its formation, the island has played an important role during the Revolutionary War and has become one of the Western Hemisphere’s remaining 12 best places according to Nature Conservancy.  It is quite easy to become immersed in Block Island’s way of life.  Its landscape is painted with miles of unspoiled beauty from its sun-kissed beaches and marinas to its hidden trails.  For a walk into the island’s past, The North Lighthouse is one of Block Island’s most preserved treasures.  The island's Historical Society is also a glance into its history with its décor of antique collections and legends. 

As the sun sinks into the Atlantic, the island is overwhelmed by the colors mirrored from its brilliant sunsets.  Nevertheless, do not let the sun descend without discovering the wide spectrum of treasures found in Block Island’s different shops, boutiques, and restaurants.  From vintage souvenirs to jewelry and books, there is a something for every pocket and interest.   The dining of Block Island is also a cultural treat.  Homemade donuts and ice cream, seafood, and other delectable temptations are waiting for you to sink your teeth into their flavors.  With an endless supply of authentic foods prepared by its warm inhabitants, the gastronomy offers a home away from home experience.  By the end of the night the island’s local hotspots like Club Soda and Captain Nick’s liven with locals and tourists mingling and dancing to their favorite hits.

Block Island experiences a continental climate.  During the months of June to September (warm season) the temperature averages from an everyday high of 75°F to a low of 65°F.  From December to March (cold season) the weather decreases between a high of 40°F and 25°F. 

There are several ways to navigate through Block Island’s landscape.  Block Island Airport is the island’s main connection to the rest of the United States and locations around the world.  Ferries offer trips to various destinations off the island.  Moped and bike rentals are accessible to travel leisurely within Block Island’s narrow streets and hidden trails.  Taxis are also abundant and offer transportation to your desired destination.