It began around 1732 when Bird- In- Hand was a popular stomping ground for farmers traveling along the Old Pennsylvania Pike.  This area was known for its supply of inns, represented by painted pictures, which made it easy for travelers of all ethnicities to recognize the inns.  After two trekkers found it more convenient to stay in this district rather than head to Lancaster, the village adopted the name Bird- In- Hand from the inn where the two tourists settled that night.  Now, the village continues to draw many visitors to its majestic landscape, blessed with the fragrances of its rich culture and heritage.  Bird- In- Hand, Pennsylvania is a great place to enjoy life’s simplicities and explore the lifestyles of the Amish atop a buggy. 

Bird-In-Hand has come a long way from its historical roots; however, many of its old traditions are depicted through modern interpretation.  Located in Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, this Amish community offers comfort with its accommodating amenities.  The town is made up of farmers and welcoming dwellers, who celebrate Bird-In-Hand’s many facades of culture with presentations of culinary temptations, shops, farmlands, and theater.   Based on the novels of Amish writer, Beverly Lewis, The riveting musical “The Confession”, amazes its audiences with its plot of Amish love and scandal.  Tour the local farms and see why Bird-In-Hand is highly recognized as a “market town.”   Enjoy an afternoon of golf, tennis, and swimming with the village’s picturesque scenery not far behind.  Also, the Amish Country Homestead and Pinetown Covered Bridge allow visitors to take a unique glance into Bird-In-Hand’s vibrant heritage.

The gastronomy of Bird-In-Hand is also a cultural phenomenon.  Overflowing with mouth-watering aromas, the local restaurants provide plenty of flavors for your taste buds to explore.  Make a toast at the Mount Hope Wine Gallery and sample some of the region’s most luxurious wines.  For a taste of authentic Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine, eateries like Plain & Fancy Farm Restaurant and Bird-In-Hand Family Restaurant & Smorgasbord treat their guests with good old recipes prepared with locally grown produce and served over a warm ambiance. Food connoisseurs get ready to fill your appetites on soul foods, made from the heart.

During the course of a year, Bird-In-Hand experiences a humid continental climate.  From May to September (warm season) the temperature fluctuates between a daily high in the mid-80s and a low in the upper-60s.  During December to March (cold season) the weather maintains an everyday high in the mid-40s and decreases to a low within the 20s.

Navigating around Bird-In-Hand is a thrilling adventure.  What better way to discover the village’s landscape than on top of a buggy.  Or sail the blues skies and capture a bird’s eye view of its majestic surroundings on a hot air balloon.  Scooter and motorcycle rentals are also available to flexibly uncover the town’s highlights in addition to the rest of Lancaster County.  In addition, Bird-In-Hand’s many trails can be enjoyed with a relaxing stroll.