If you desire a place of splendor and old charm, Billings, Montana, United States is the destination for you.  With miles of trails to explore, this city has an open door to its many adventures.  So come learn about an American beauty, where nature and culture harmoniously reside. Billings is a city whose picturesque scenery not only offers indescribable views, but a whirlwind of electrifying thrills.  Whether you retrace the expedition of Lewis & Clark or visit all five museums in The Buffalo Bill Historical Center, the city’s heritage is inescapable. With such a profound role in American history; Billings is an interesting location, where its emblematic highlights present something for everyone to enjoy.

The largest city in Montana, Billings’ history also makes it one of the most fascinating.   Affectionately known as the Magic City during the 1800s, it ever-so-effortlessly escaped the economic recession and continues to thrive as a growing metropolis.  Nevertheless, with each passing visitor, the city has never lost its magical touch.  Billings also remains a major trading hub for most of Montana as well as its neighboring states; however, the city credits much of its establishment to its stamp on the Railroad history, led by its namesake, Fredrick Billings.  With such a rich past, Billings leaves plenty of room for rediscovery. From parks and rocky cliffs to museums and art galleries, Billings’ blesses its guests with infinite treasures.

Shopping in Billings is an exciting venture.  Draped with famous department stores to thrift shops, there is a wide spectrum of merchandise waiting behind every door.  The gastronomic experience is also a special treat.  The culinary temptations entice even the most cautious food critics with their mouthwatering aromas.  Whether you are craving a familiar or peculiar taste, there are many restaurants, providing a plethora of imaginative dishes that will delight your pallet.

 Billings experiences a warm humid temperate climate during the course of a year.  The warm season (June to September) is typically hot with temperatures averaging around a daily high of 80°F and maintaining at a low of 69°F.  During the coldest season (November to February), the weather varies between an everyday high of 50°F and a low temperature of 40°F.

There are a number of ways to get around Billings.  Billings Logan International Airport services direct flights to other destinations in the United States such as Minneapolis, Las Angeles, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas. Coach buses are a unique way to tour the city as well as the rest of Montana.  Car and motorcycle rental is a great for travelling at our own pace.  Taxis are also abundant and accessible throughout the city.  However, Billings Trailhead is best explored with a leisure bike ride or hike alongside the pristine Yellowstone River, mountainsides, and emerald grounds.