With the banks of the sparkling Nervión River at its feet, Bilbao, Spain is a charming city with a big heart.  This economic hub dazzles with a dynamic heritage, manifested through its fascinating décors of architectural gems and vibrant infrastructure.  Bilbao’s past and present peacefully coexist, providing an outstanding journey for historians and thrill seekers ready to explore an old city with a young outlook.  So, let your curiosity guide you to a destination where city lights and mountainous surroundings reflect the vivacity of this enchanting getaway.  Draped with such a unique presence, this Spanish treasure welcomes you with its delightful luxuries of nature and culture.

Populated with approximately one million inhabitants, this pedestrian-filled city is home to some of Spain’s most exotic highlights.  For many years, Bilbao has thrived as a capital of the Bizkaia province as well as an important financial center.  Its strategic infrastructure and location also made trading relatively easy.  However, boasting a new physical appearance, many tourists are drawn to the magnificent sights designed by some of the world’s most skillful artists.  From exhibitions to the theatre, the city showcases a multiplicity of cultural attractions that are awaiting your arrival.  The Guggenheim Museum stands strong in architectural majesty, while preserving contemporary and modern art of many noteworthy artists. A memoir to Bilbao’s history, St. James Cathedral sparkles with a spectacular gothic facade.  In 1183 the talented Ernesto Hoffmeyer, designed one of Bilbao’s most iconic treasures, the De la Merced Bridge. 

The Bilbao card is an affordable way to navigate throughout the city.  Provided by the City Council, the card makes transportation as well as touring many museums, restaurants, and shops available at a discounted price.

Shopping is a must in Bilbao.  From pastries to fashion, there is a wide spectrum of goods lurking behind every door.  Bilbao’s Old Quarter is elaborately adorned with many shops as well as a variety of attractions, which makes it the perfect place to grab Bilbao’s latest trends while exploring its rich history.  Jewelry lovers should head to Ensanche or Indautxu to indulge in its dazzling jewels, while the trendy markets are ideal for treating yourself to genuine “made in Bilbao” souvenirs.  Not only is it a city of the arts, but Bilbao is also night owl’s dream.  Follow the bright lights and visit the local hot spots, playing the latest hits.

 The gastronomy of Bilbao is a social event that brings locals and tourists together.  Whether your taste buds are craving something simple or elaborate, the culinary temptations will please any food connoisseur.  So follow your nose and indulge in a Spanish delicacy like pintxos, cod fish, and other delicious cuisines specifically flavored to perfection for your enjoyment. 

Bilbao experiences a mild humid temperate climate.  In the warm season (June to September) the weather maintains a daily high around 68°F.  In the cold season (November to March) the temperature decreases to an average high of 46°F. 

Bilbao International Airport is an important gateway of the city to the rest of Spain and other locations around the world.  The metro services transportation to city’s center.  From 6am to 11 pm, the city bus provides rides throughout Bilbao, while the Gautxoris (night buses) offer nightly travel to 2am on Fridays and 7am on Saturdays.  Tourist buses are also available to reach the Bilbao’s treasured highlights.  In addition, taxis are convenient and accessible any time of the day, and tourists boats tour the Nervión River and offer backdrops of the Guggenheim Museum, the Euskalduna Palace, as well as other monumental attractions.  Nevertheless, Bilbao’s streets and people are best discovered with a leisurely stroll.