Quietly nestled in the heart of seven mountains, Bergen echoes the beauty of its majestic surroundings.  The cool breeze bounces off the magical fjords, which are magnificently tucked behind the massive trees and picturesque buildings.   The alfresco atmosphere is a gateway to a world of adventures, where nature and culture are delightfully intertwined.  From festivals to museums, the cobblestone streets sparkle with treasures reflecting Berge’s inspirational heritage.  Bergen, Norway is an adventure seeker’s dream come true, with ornaments of electrifying highlights prowling on every corner.  It is a magnetic destination, which entices a multitude of tourists with its undeniable charm.

Founded in 1070, Bergen is an enchanting cruise resort in Norway.  Overflowing with delicious seafood, the city thrived from its abundant supply of fish.  Bergen’s marina also glistens from the reflection bouncing off the colorfully painted architecture dotted along Bryggen (the Hanseatic wharf).  It is a dazzling sight to climb atop the city’s highest peaks to observe how well its diverse landscape of mountains, coastal waters, unique architecture, and gardens coexist in harmony.  Whether you get up close to its exotic animals at the Bergen Aquarium; sail its crystal clear harbor; or visit Bergen’s historically decorated museums, the city offers enthralling treasures lurking behind every door.

With the Bergen Card experience the city’s adventures to the fullest.  For 24 or 48 hours, enjoy many of its iconic attractions at a discounted price.  The card also allows you to travel on Bergen’s buses and Bybane (railway) for free.

 You cannot visit Bergen without shopping in its lively shopping districts.  From department stores to small boutiques, there is an endless supply of authentic goods.  Feel the textures of Norway’s latest fashions float through your hands or savor the taste of a sweet delicacy as it melts in your mouth.  There is so much for shoppers to explore, with alluring, duty free merchandise right at your fingertips.  Dress to kill and enjoy an adrenaline pumping night of music, as well as Norway’s finest foods and drinks at the pulsating discos.

Another way to enjoy your night is to indulge in the culinary temptations, whose aromas attract the appetites of locals and tourists.  Foods like fresh seafood and regional cuisines are prepared by imaginative chefs for your delight.  From Norway’s delicacies to multicultural specialties, the gastronomic experience of Bergen is a cultural phenomenon.  So get your taste buds ready to savor a different flavor over a glass of sparkling wine.

Bergen experiences a humid moderate climate.  From June to September (warm season) the temperature averages around a high of 65°F and decrease to a low within the 40s.  During the months of November to April (cold season) the weather fluctuates between the high low 40s to a low of about 27°F

Bergen Airport is the main entrance into the city.  Sail across its harbor and capture impressive views of the mountains and fjords on Bergen Maritime Tours.  Buses and the Bybane are also available to assist your travel around the city.  Lose the vacation pounds by biking along its narrow trails.  Biking with a gps is a thrilling way to explore all that Bergen has to offer.  Also, what better than to find the city’s surprises than by foot.  With plenty of hiking opportunities, Bergen's beauty and locals are best discovered with a leisurely stroll.