A beautiful island in France, Belle Ile is nothing short of wonderful.  From the rocky shores boasting exquisite rock formations piercing through the ocean to its verdant countryside, the island’s unique landscape is draped with remarkable attractions.  There is much to be seen as you tour its luxurious surroundings, where its iconic jewels shimmer with historic legends, while the multihued sea presents some of the most exotic sunsets.  If you are looking for a destination to recharge you batteries, Belle Ile, France is not only ideal, but an image from a picture perfect dream.  So, come bask in a French paradise and explore the mystical trails unveiling miles of natural wonders and beauty.

Known as an island of inspiration, Belle Ile is one of France’s most priceless possessions.  With a strong force in the fish-canning and artisanal industries, the island magnetizes many drifters to its pristine landscape blessed with the influence of fishing and farming. Also home to many prominent artists, the beauty of Belle Ile is often captured on canvases.  The island consists of four townships (Bangor, Locmaria, Le Palais, and Sauzon), each equally charming yet unique.  Its marina is richly dotted with exotic marine animals, while the island’s timeless heritage is manifested through classical antiquities speckled throughout its premises.  So come listen to the roar of the ocean clash against the jagged sea cliffs; make a wish at a fountain; discover the stones and legend of Jean and Jeanne; or enter the gates of the citadel of Belle Ile and embark on a historical journey.  Belle Ile is wonderful location for tourists wanting to explore France under a paradisiacal ambiance.

The culinary experiences of Bell Ile are just as cultural as sightseeing.  Restaurants are drenched with the stimulating aromas of seafood and an assortment of meats flavored with regional produce and ingredients.  With the backdrops of the island’s picturesque surroundings, the gastronomy of Belle Ile is an intimate and luxurious affair.  Avid food lovers this is the opportunity for you to enjoy French cuisine at its best and treat your taste buds with delightful foods over a nice French cup of tea or wine.

Belle Ile experiences a Mediterranean climate.  During the months of June to September (warm season) the temperature is warm and averages from a high in the mid-80s to a low of 65 °F.  In November to March (cold season) the weather is mainly cool and fluctuates between an everyday high of 57 °F and a low within the 30s.

There are a variety of ways to get around Belle Ile.  Coach buses are a great way to tour the island’s fascinating highlights. Cycling is a unique way to travel at your own pace while keeping off the vacation pounds.  Bicycles, motorbikes as well as scooters are rentable and easily accessible.  Renting a car also offers convenience when exploring Belle Ile.  However, the island’s treasures are best seen whilst taking stroll along its sandy beaches, valleys, and massive cliffs.