A cultural and commercial hub, Belize City glistens at the foot of a peninsula in Belize, Central America.  Its vibrant atmosphere echoes the heritage of its friendly inhabitants, who can be seen partaking in the city’s traditions and rich amenities.  There is plenty to explore along the bustling streets, mixed with wooden and colonial architecture sitting at the edge of the sidewalks.  From attractions to businesses, almost every space is filled with enriching treasures, which give insight into the city’s enchanting civilization.  Belize City, Belize is an ideal destination to enjoy the delights of city life under a Caribbean ambiance.

With a tumultuous history, stemmed from hurricanes, Belize City continues to charm travelers with its persevering attitude.  Although the city resigned as the country’s capital, it remains an important seaport where the Haulover Creek peacefully cascades against its colorful harbor.  Connected by the momentous Swing Bridge (the Americas’ only manually functioning bridge), the city is divided into a north and south side.  Each side is equally fascinating and offers a glance of its heritage, making Belize City a gateway into the nation’s unique culture.  Journey to the past by visiting the Museum of Belize or take in the beauty of one of Central America’s oldest jewels, St. John’s Cathedral.  Animal lovers can capture exquisite sights of Belize’s exotic wildlife at the zoo, while historians can embark on a historic tour of Fort George and gaze upon the Lighthouse nestled on the memorial of Baron Bliss.

In the midst of sightseeing, there is plenty of buying to do in the shopping districts speckled along the cobblestone streets.  Belize City offers impressive shops and stalls, which are brightly decorated with “made in Belize souvenirs.”  Don’t miss the opportunity to nourish you memories by indulging in local goods specifically made for someone like you.  Take a break from shopping and follow your nose to the quaint restaurants draped with Belizean cuisine.  The city’s gastronomic experience is fit for a king or queen, with delicious dishes influenced by its African, Caribbean, and Mayan ancestors.  Food lovers get ready to smell the wonderful scents and sink your teeth into excellent specialties such as plantains, as well as rice and black beans with a side of fish, chicken, pork, or beef perfectly flavored with regional grown spices and ingredients. 

In the course of a year, Belize City experiences a tropical monsoon climate.  During the months of April to September (warm season), the temperatures averaged from a low of 78°F to the high 80s.  In December to February (cold season) the weather ranges from a high of 83°F and lowers within the 60s.

Known for its heavy traffic, driving around Belize City can be quite hectic.   A taxi is the most convenient way to navigate around the city.  They are relatively inexpensive and can be found in almost any location in Belize City.  Walking is a traffic-free mode of transportation.  However, be aware that many of the city’s pathways are in bad condition and relatively small.