Welcome to a city where the sweet aroma of wine bursts at the seams.  The verdant wineries sparkle with vines producing the most luscious grapes, which transform into France’s most precious delicacy.  This is one of the reasons why Beaune, France is highly recognized as The Capital of Burgundy Wines.  From the rich art dotted across the cobblestone streets to the mysterious underground cellars, there are many ways to explore the dynamic impact of the city’s vintage luxury.  Let your curiosity and your love for that smooth taste lead you into the Beaune’s rich culture, where history is manifested in treasures of architectural antiques and bottled for your delight.  Beaune is an exotic destination, where its charm is best enjoyed while indulging in nature’s simplicities over a tall glass of wine.

Beaune is a captivating city in France, dripping with emerald country sides of immaculate vineyards and vibrant streets displaying exquisite sights of iconic jewels.  From the vineyards to monuments, the adventures of Beaune are a feast for all five senses.  Housed in the ancient mansion of the Duke of Burgundy, The Burgundy Wine Museum is a fascinating exhibition of the history of wine and its impact in France’s society.  Founded in 1143, the gothic décor of the Hospices de Beaune, houses the renowned The Last Judgment (polyptych painting by Rogier Van der Weyden).   Along with exquisite architecture, you cannot miss the opportunity to sample some of France’s classic novelties.  The Fallot Mustard Mills invites visitors to explore the interesting world of the production of mustard.  Escape the bustling streets and head to the mysterious wine cellars, which generously welcome you to sample France’s world-famous antiquities. The landscape of Beaune is worthy of exploration, and with a plethora of activities, there is something for every traveler to enjoy.

Adorned with hundreds of shops filled to the brim with goods, Beaune expects all shopaholics to visit the vibrant shopping districts.  Everything from French souvenirs to designer fashions is within reach and readily available for your consumption.  Behind every door lies a colorful spectrum of treasures that were specifically made just for you.  Take a break from shopping and enjoy a cozy evening of wining and dining in Beaune’s quaint restaurants.  The culinary masters are excellent at preparing regional cuisines overflowing with locally grown ingredients like cheese, olives, eggs, and snails.  Food lovers get ready to explore the unique flavors that make Beaune’s gastronomy unforgettable.

Beaune experiences a mild, temperate climate.  In the months of June to September (warm season), the temperatures rise within the 70s and decrease to a low in the 50s.  During November to February, the weather fluctuates between a high in the 40s and lower to the 30s. 

There are numerous ways to explore Beaune’s spectacular landscape.  Buses are provided to facilitate your travel throughout the city and Beaune’s neighboring towns.  Taxis are also available from the hotels and they travel in between various attractions.  Car rentals are accessible but not recommended if you plan to splurge on the different wines that Beaune has to offer.  However, the best ways to discover the city’s highlights are to bike and walk.  With many biking and hiking trails, the villages, farmlands, and wineries are most dazzling with a close encounter.