Greens, reds, yellows, and oranges describe the displays of bright colored fruits, vegetables, and clothing that vibrantly light up the stands.  The narrow streets become a social meeting place for tourists and locals who mesmerizingly gaze and shop for delicious produce and exotic French fashions.  Yes, today is Market Day, which offers an alfresco style shopping atmosphere, located in Beaujolais’ picturesque villages.  Amidst the beautiful weather, you are encouraged to indulge in the exquisite splendors of luscious temptations that make Beaujolais a food lover’s paradise.  Market Day is an exciting adventure that magnetizes people with its unique merchandise and cultural ambiance.  It is also one of the reasons why Beaujolais, France is a rich destination, where you can discover a world of peace and beauty, over a smooth glass of wine.

Bonjour! You are cordially invited to an enchanting place called Beaujolais which is located in France.  It is a magnificent wine region where its landscape is wonderfully blessed with lavish wineries, iconic architecture, and emerald country sides.  For tourists in love with wine this is the destination for you; even the Romans could not resist the exquisite tastes of such a fine delicacy.  Amongst the popular Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, its vineyards overflow with Gamay grapes which are responsible for producing the legendary Beaujolais Nouveaux as well as other specialty wines. Let your curiosity lead you the mystical caves and cellars and feast your smells, sight, and tastes on vintage specialties that are waiting for you to sample their flavors. Beaujolais also has many faces of cultures significant to the city’s rich heritage.  From museums and cathedrals to statues and chateaus, there is an array of historic beauties that can be seen lurking throughout its impeccable surroundings. 

While exploring Beaujolais fascinating cultural sites, you cannot miss the culinary temptations.  Bakeries are draped with the aromas from tasty pastries and sweet treats simmering in local ingredients and flavors.  The restaurants offer an intimate setting with a variety of mouthwatering French cuisine drenched with spices that will delight your pallet.  With a nice glass of wine, the gastronomic experience is a perfect blend of luxury and comfort.

Due to Beaujolais’ proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, it experiences a mild humid continental climate.  The warm season (June-September) is typically hot with temperatures averaging from the 80s to low 60s.  During the cold season (November- March) the weather is normally cold and dry.  The temperatures fluctuate from the 50s to low 40s.

With acres of dense forests and deep valleys, the narrow trails are best explored by biking, horseback riding, and hiking.  The wonderful outdoors are filled with hidden treasures and breathtaking views worthy of discovery.  From the monumental attractions to vineyards, Beaujolais’ pleasant atmosphere leads to a journey of a majesty adorned with France’s exotic extravagances.