Step back into time and visit one of South Carolina’s most precious jewels, Beaufort.  This historic town quietly nestles under a rich heritage bursting with stories of its African American ancestors and ancient traditions that have shaped the city’s unique culture.  Whether you take a romantic stroll along the pristine beaches or tour the iconic landmarks, Beaufort’s enchanting landscape is the ideal setting of enjoying beauty at its best.  Where miles of untouched scenery leads to rustic villages, you will truly feel as you have entered a scene from an old southern movie.  For this reason, Beaufort, South Carolina is a wonderfully preserved location boasting amenities of attractions, history, and southern hospitality.

Situated on Port Royal Island, Beaufort is the third oldest city of South Carolina in the United States.  The city is also a fascinating display of history with its décor of momentous architecture mirroring its cultural significance.  With a horse-drawn carriage or tour, Beaufort allows visitors to get a glimpse of its modern southern charm, which has been influenced by the impact of the slave trade, Civil War, and Gullah heritage.  The Beaufort’s legacy is also preserved in its manifestations of different facades of culture from the local art galleries and museums, to the emerald parks and festivals.  So exquisite are the Beaufort’s accommodations, you cannot miss the captivating experiences and cultural journey of learning about a colorful past presented through modern interpretations. In addition, the city offers an array of aquatic thrills from kayaking and fishing to dolphin watching.

Beaufort is a shopper’s paradise. Trendy stores and boutiques are beautifully decorated with “made in South Carolina” knickknacks and souvenirs.  Fordham Market is a great place to cure your shopping addictions with merchandise such as woven baskets, jewelry, handmade quilts, candles, art and even leather products. The Habersham Market also encourages shoppers to let loose with its vibrant atmosphere and décor of quaint villages and restaurants.  Although the city of Beaufort is a peaceful and picturesque town, by night it comes to life with the pulsating sounds of music, tasty trademark beverages, and energetic conversations.

Feast your senses on the true definition of southern hospitality and sink your teeth into delectable cuisines inspired by Beaufort’s multicultural background and international influences.  Chefs are masters at preparing mouthwatering foods like shrimp, grits, steak, chicken, sushi, as well as Jamaican pepperpot, which make the gastronomy of the city is a cultural phenomenon.   So enticing are its dining experiences your taste buds will definitely tingle with pleasure.

Beaufort experiences a humid temperate climate.  From the months of May to September (warm season) the temperature averages from the 90s to the mid 70s.  During the months of December to February (cold season) the weather typically fluctuates from the high 60s to a low of 39°F. 

The enjoyable weather makes Beaufort an exciting place to explore.  Taxis are available for travel to your desired location.  The narrow trails are perfect for bike riding and horse-drawn carriages are a unique way to observe the city’s historic appearance. River tours offer amazing views of the sun setting over the city’s impeccable landscape.  However, by simply walking you will be able to find hidden treasures, meet friendly people, and bask in the Beaufort’s striking beauty and tranquil atmosphere.