Completely immersed in culture, from the turquoise ocean to the historic jewels, the Bay of Islands is a vision of beauty.  Its 144 islands are home to aquatic adventures and dazzling sights, which magnetize many tourists to its playful, yet relaxing atmosphere.  Come bask in perfect weather and experience the pleasures of the golden sand sinking beneath your feet.  The Bay of Islands is New Zealand’s prized possession, where its electrifying landscape brings your most sacred desires to life.  Bay of Islands, New Zealand is unparallel to any other destination, and once you enter its realm, you will not want to leave.

A sparkling jewel of the Northland region, the Bay of Islands is a region situated in New Zealand.  Its dramatic scenery of pohutukawa trees, sun kissed golden beaches, and remote inlets make this area a remarkable destination filled with timeless amenities.  The cafes, restaurants, wineries and stores all burst with culture, and they allow their guests to indulge in many wonderful riches. The towns and islands of the Bay of Islands offer a unique experience, each more spectacular than the last.  One thing they all have in common is beauty, along with the majestic waters that will sweep you off your feet and introduce you to a world of exoticness and thrill.

The initial greeting into Bay of Islands, Kawakawa entices its visitors with a museum, which acknowledges the impact of coal mining industry; the Kawiti glow-worm caves that glisten with a spectacular presentation of glow-worm lights; as well as the award winning display of Hundertwasser-designed public toilets.  Observe the interesting decors of architecture in the port of Russell, which also houses New Zealand’s oldest church and licensed pub. Whangaroa Harbour provides many fishing opportunities with its blue waters colorfully dotted with exotic fish.  Historians and nature seekers will appreciate Kerikeri, where its surroundings are honorably blessed with iconic gems such as the Mission Stone Store, the Puketi Forest, and Rainbow Falls. From kayaking to swimming with dolphins, the adventures provided by the Bay of Islands are endless.

The culinary temptations of the Bay of Islands draw people together with their mouthwatering cuisines.  With a glass of wine, the gastronomic experience is impeccable. Savor the tastes of fish, oysters, and other New Zealand specialties prepared by imaginative chefs.  The restaurants and cafés cordially invite you to feast on delicious digestive dinners and tasty desserts, so amazing you will beg for more.

The Bay of Islands experiences a subtropical climate.  In the summer (December-February) the temperatures average from a daily high in the mid-70s to a low of 57°F; in the fall (March- May) the weather rises to a high of 70°F and decreases to the low 50s; in winter (June-August) temperatures fluctuate between 60°F and 45°F; During spring (September to November) the weather ranges from a high within the 60s and lowers to 50°F.

There are numerous ways to navigate around the Bay of Islands.  For a thrilling ride, hop aboard Salt Air’s helicopters, which offers daily tours and 360 degree views from the Islands, Auckland, and Cape Reigna.  Ferries are also a scenic mode of travel and they service transportation between the towns of Paihia and Russell.  Starting from $1, InterCity Coachlines in Paihia allow you to ride in comfort and style.  Water Taxis are a great way to sightsee as well as dive into the ocean’s deep blue waters.  ABC Shuttles are a private mode of transportation, and provide transportation throughout the Bay of Islands and the rest of Northland.  To travel more flexibly, there are various car rental companies.  In addition, the islands offer many horse trekking trails and hiking paths for you to embrace the sceneries at your own pace.