Taking full advantage of the Mediterranean, Bastia is a paradisiacal resort on the island of Corsica in France.  The perfectly aligned baroque architecture does little to block the magnificence reflected from its blue marina dotted with bright-colored boats.  Bastia’s quaint villages sparkle in the Mediterranean atmosphere, while the city’s highlights appear as ancient memoirs along the bustling streets.  With fascinating presentations of the past and present, Bastia has maintained its charisma, which deepens your interest with each passing attraction.  Bastia, Corsica, France is a vibrant destination, where culture and history are wonderfully intertwined; making it a great place to become completely submerged in timeless beauty.

Established in 1378, this ancient city is the capital of the Haute-Corse division in upper Corsica.  It is also one of the island’s oldest cities,of which its infrastructure and architecture played an important role in Bastia’s success as a thriving location.  Today, the narrow pathways and historic gems serve as symbols of the heritage that has shaped Bastia into becoming a mesmerizing fascination.   The Bibliotheque Municipale has an amazing collection of about 50,000 books.  From the Vieux Port de Bastia you can see the Tuscan islands and fish for seafood from the port’s blue waters.  The Eglise Saint Etienne de Cardo is a neoclassical sanctuary which preserves an interesting collection of 18th century art in addition to two sculptures made out of wood.  After a history of adversity, Le Theatre is a unique display of Italian architecture. Also, Le Village de Cardo offers an exquisite opportunity to explore a true Corsican community, while basking in panoramic views of Bastia’s majestic landscape.  With such a wide spectrum of dazzling attractions, the culture of the city is inevitable masterpiece.

Shopping is a social event that unites locals and tourists.  Stores and boutiques are filled to the brim with authentic French souvenirs from clothing to wine.  Whether you are buying a gift or treating yourself, there is something for every pocket.  By night, the streets are speckled with partygoers who are eager to dance to the latest hits and mingle over inviting conversations and Corsica’s signature beverages.

Known for its gastronomic excellence of Corsica’s finest feasts and wines, Bastia is a food lover’s dream.  You are cordially invited to dine in the chic restaurants and sink your teeth into Bastia’s extraordinary cuisines.  Whether you are in the mood for something different or crave a familiar flavor, there is a taste for every pallet. 

Bastia experiences a Mediterranean climate.  In the months of June to September (warm season) the weather averages from an everyday high within the 80s and decreases to as low as 66 °F.  During November to April (cold season), the temperature fluctuates between a high of 60°F and lowers within the 40s.

Located 20 km from Bastia’s center, the Bastia Poretta Airport is the main gateway to the rest of Europe and other destinations around the world.  Sail the Mediterranean from the port of Bastia to catch a glimpse of different European destinations such as Nice, Toulon, and Savone.  Buses and trains also provide ample transportation throughout the city as well as Corsica.  In addition, taxis are accessible for tourists who prefer to travel at their own pace.  Bastia’s hidden treasures can also be explored by taking a leisurely stroll through the cobblestone streets.