Nestled in the Nahuel Huapi National Park, Bariloche is a striking destination and a nature lover’s paradise.  The city’s landscape is elaborately painted with vast mountains and crystal clear blue bodies of water that preserve its al fresco culture.  Many tourists are attracted to its splendor and magnificent treasures that can be found lurking on almost every corner.   From skiing and horseback riding to canoeing and fishing, you will truly be submerged in the luxurious amenities that make Bariloche a fascinating getaway.  For this reason, Bariloche, Argentina is a unique location filled with natural wonders and its attractions offer the best combinations of adventure, history and beauty.

Located in the foothills of the Andes and off the shoreline of Lake Nahuel Huapi, Bariloche is a city in the Rio Negro province in Argentina. The city is home to the great outdoors and provides some of the best sites that Argentina has to offer.  You cannot escape the majesty of the surrounding hills, forests, lakes, and rivers, so perfect their appearances resemble a scene from a painting.  Through Bariloche’s landscape, there are different facades of culture that makes this city a popular amongst tourists.  Feast your sights, smells, and tastes at the Aromas of Chocolate En Rama and learn about how Bariloche’s infamous chocolate is made.  Let your nose guide you to The Chocolate Museum, which is also an enticing display of the importance and history of chocolate. Visit The Virgin of the Snow and bask in the sanctity that flows through its magical atmosphere.

Whether you choose to visit Bariloche in the winter or summer, you must explore the city’s surroundings.  Mountaineers will enjoy the panoramic views from the top of the slopes, which are an ideal location for skiing and climbing. Bariloche offers visitors the opportunity to discover its vast land by exploring the jaded cliffs of Tronador Hill and the Valley of the Lost as well as pathways leading to flowing streams, dense jungles, and small nooks and crannies.  Also, don’t miss the chance to sail the tranquil waters of the Nahuel Huapi and dive into the rocky rivers.

Shopping in Bariloche is a thrilling experience. Boutiques and stores offer a plethora of interesting Argentinean souvenirs and products with backdrops of the city’s majestic landscape.  Shop-a-holics can grab the latest trends from fabrics and jewelry to collectibles that are specifically found in Bariloche.  Since the city has its own brewery, the local pubs and discos entice their audiences with tasty beer and cocktails while the pulsating sounds of music fill the air.

The gastronomy of Bariloche is a cultural phenomenon. Overflowing with a unique blend of regional foods and international specialties, there are arrays of selections that will delight any pallet.  An assortment of Patagonian meats such as lamb, deer, chicken and boar as well as potatoes are commonly seen on the menus of the local eateries and exotically prepared by skillful chefs.  You can enjoy your   appetizing delicacies while sipping on classic wines and Bariloche’s signature beverages such as coffee, tea, and beer.

Bariloche experiences a continental climate with no dry season.  During the warm season, temperatures average from a low within the 60s to maximums in the 80s.  In the cold season snow is highly expected. The weather varies from a low of 14°F to a high in the 40s. 

The Bariloche buses provide services to Chile and various locations in the city.  Car rentals are also available to travel at your own pace.  Taxis are also a convenient way to travel throughout Bariloche.  Tourists can also discover hidden trails by taking a leisurely bike ride along the city’s landscape.