Stretching across the Adriatic Sea, Bari has an undeniable charm, where the past and present are pleasantly combined to enhance your journey.  The culturally inclined will appreciate the dazzling sights of classical antiquities, preserving sacred treasures significant to the city’s rich heritage.  Adorned with a sparkling harbor, which is painted with colorful boats, Bari remains one of Italy’s most timeless jewels, which has not managed to lose its magnetic aura with each passing tourist.  So, retrace the steps of the Romans and visit a destination, whose splendid architectural décor mirrors the colorful history that has shaped Bari into becoming a cultural fascination.  Bari, Italy blesses its visitors with the fragrances of the past, and through modern interpretation, your experiences will be nothing short of delightful.

Bari is the capital of Apulia as well as the province bearing its name.  It is also a city with two beating hearts.  The north (Bari Vecchia or the old town) is lavishly designed with narrow trails leading to amazing sights of ancient Romanesque and medieval castles and cathedrals.  To the south, the city is adorned with rich modern amenities. With such different faces of culture, there is something for every traveler.  The Church of Saint Nicholas pays homage to the revered saint with statues and ruins of a nave, an altar made of stone, St. Nick’s tomb, and marble pavements. The Castel Del Monte stands out with its exquisite medieval presence.   Built around 1131, the historic Swabian Castle is decorated with many of Bari’s interesting exhibits.  The city’s largest theater, Petruzzelli Theatre entertains its guests with incredible performances from ballet dancers to opera singers.  The surroundings of Bari are magnificently sprinkled with majestic iconic monuments, which allow visitors to time travel into its enchanting past.

The city of Bari is known to be shopper’s paradise.   Everything from designer goods to souvenirs is within reach.  The Murat city Center of Bari is brilliantly filled with a wide spectrum of cultural fashions lurking behind every door.  The nights sparkle with the sounds of music blaring from the local hotspots.  You cannot fully experience the culture of Bari without mingling with the friendly natives over a fine glass of wine.

Italy is known to produce some of Europe’s most impeccable cuisines.  In Bari, you must explore the tastes and aromas that make this city a dining phenomenon.  Fresh seafood, pasta dishes, pizza, and many other delicacies simmer in regionally grown ingredients and spices.  So taste masters get ready to indulge in such wonderful imaginative treats, your taste buds will tingle with delight.  With a smooth bottle of wine, the gastronomy is luxurious, yet soothing to the soul.

Bari experiences a warm, humid climate.  During the months of June to September (warm season), the weather is typically hot with temperatures soaring to an average high of 79°F and decreasing to the upper 60s.  In November to March (cold season), the weather ranges from a high in the 60s to an average low of 40°F.

Bari is an essential hub for travel.  Train stations connect the city to other Italian destinations, attractions, as well as various locations within the town.  Bari Airport is the city’s main gateway to the rest of Italy and the world.  Buses also service transportation to different areas in Bari.  However, Bari’s unexpected highlights can be best seen while walking along its narrow streets.