Surrounded with a rich environment, Ballwin, Missouri, United States is a peaceful and dynamic city.  It is a destination where you are generously greeted with friendly faces, warm smiles, and charming sceneries.  So pleasant are its amenities, this city has been chosen by Money Magazine as one of the best places to live in America in 2005 and 2011.  The manicured, emerald golf course and the significance of baseball make Ballwin a sport’s lover’s paradise, while the recreational parks and infrastructure showcase the natural beauty and culture of this captivating town.  From its rustic past to its lavish suburbs, Ballwin is a thriving city that remains on top with its impeccable accommodations.

The city of Ballwin is located in St. Louis County of Missouri.  So unique, it is the only destination in the United States with the name Ballwin. It is inhabited with over 30,000 people and its cultural impact can be seen bursting through the seams of the impeccable landscapes. The city is also strategically located near the city of St. Louis and other major cities of Missouri. Adventure seekers are invited to mingle with the natives by discovering the thrilling adventures Ballwin has to offer.  Covering 31 acres and housing the Ballwin Days Festival, two ball diamonds, four tennis courts, two ponds, and a playground, the Vlasis Park is an exciting recreational park attracting many people to its picturesque landscape and fun sporting facilities such as fishing and volley ball. The New Ballwin Park is an idealistic place to fish forcatfish and trout and it provides a fun atmosphere for games of tennis, basketball, or for taking quiet strolls along the walking trails.  Surrounded by the Meramec River, Castlewood is a perfect location where bikers and hikers can enjoy the pleasant sceneries and explore the vast, wooded areas.

By night the quiet streets are transformed into an intense social scene.  The local bars offer, great food, tasty beverages, and the opportunity to make new friends.   The French Quarter is situated on the infamous Manchester Road.  Its lively ambiance is credited to the live music, alcoholic games, and delectable foods.  You can also venture 40 minutes away into the heart of St. Louis where the vibrant streets are painted with pubs and bars that are known to light up the nights.

The local restaurants throughout Ballwin offer combinations of family owned, international, and popular food chain restaurants.  Local chefs genuinely invite you to feast upon old family recipes while enjoying the scenic atmospheres, delicious beverages, and Ballwin’s culture.  From barbeque specialties and seafood, to pastas, steaks, and pizza, there is a wide variety of dishes that will satisfy the appetite of any food connoisseur.

Ballwin experiences a humid continental climate.  Summers are expected to be hot and dry and winters are typically cool.  In the warm season (May-September) the temperature averages from the high 60s to high 80s. During the cold season (November-February) the weather fluctuates between the low 50s to as low as 18°F. Rainfall is expected throughout each season in Ballwin.

Getting around Ballwin and the rest of Missouri and the United States is pretty easy.  There various modes of transportation which are located through the city. The Metro transit of St. Louis services bus and train rides from Ballwin to major cities and sites in Missouri.  Taxis are also available to reach your desired location.  In addition, renting a car is a good way to tour the city at your own pace.