A popular tourist magnet, Balestrand, Norway is a world of beauty, history, and culture.  Adventure seekers are invited to explore the luxuries of nature that can be found lurking in the vast mountainsides and deep fjords.  In Balestrands visitors are able to enjoy the splendors of both land and sea since the rolling hills lead to the great big ocean.  What a thrill it would be to tell scary ghost stories around a camp fire, take a leisurely hike in the dense woods, or listen to the calls of the wild as you nestle in the comfy wood cabins.  This majestic location is a destination unlike no other, so peaceful and beautiful; Balestrand has inspired the artistry of painters, poets, and even the famous epic poem Fridtjof's Saga.

Balestrand is a municipality a part of the Sognefjord in Norway.  Inhabited by approximately 1300 people, much of the success of the economy is based on tourism, agriculture, and private and public industries.  Its heritage can be seen through the natural beauty, charming villages, interesting infrastructure and architecture that are dotted across this quaint town.  Museums, art galleries, abandoned farms, and the popular Art Village are reminiscent of the prehistoric traditions and give profound insight to the prehistoric people and society of Balestand.  Since 1897, the St. Olaf’s Anglican Church has been a monumental glance to the past due to its unique décor and chronological importance.  Visit the Sognefjord Aquarium that houses the gallery Munken, plankton exhibits, woodcarving boards, a cinema, and many species of exotic aquatic creatures.  In addition, the mountains, woodlands, and beaches provide visitors with the opportunity to become one with nature by hiking, biking, camping, skiing, and diving into the natural habitats and the pleasant atmosphere that surrounds Balestrand. 

Shoppers can nourish their memories by grabbing the latest Norwegian souvenirs.  Trendy markets and boutiques offer “made in Norway” products such as produce, antiques, clothing, and jewelry.  For authentic Norwegian cuisine, the local restaurants cordially invite you to enjoy a fine dining experience.  Local ingredients, fruits, and spices are commonly used to prepare Norway’s delicacies and international foods.  The appetizing smells of fish, lamb, and beef rolls will make your mouth water and the tastes of local wine will make the culinary experience amazing.

During the summer the climate of Balestrand is typically mild and winters are known to be very cold, especially in January and February.  In the warm season the temperature averages within the 60s.  In the cold season the temperatures can decrease to as low as the 20s.

Travelling through the Sognefjord is relatively easy and convenient. Express boats depart from Bergen and pass through Balestrand on their way to Sogndal. The Flåm Railway provides transportation to various Norwegian cities such as Myrdal and Flåm.  Express buses also offer rides throughout the Sognefjord and the rest of Norway.  Local buses within the Sognefjord service day tours to popular attractions and scenic locations; in addition, sailing the majestic waters on a cruise ship is a luxurious way to view the panoramic sceneries of the fjord areas.  Taxis are readily available to take you to your desired location.  However, nature lovers can enjoy the natural beauty of Balestrand by hiking or biking through the narrow streets and vast mountainous cliffs.