The Bainbridge Island Historical Museum is a treasure chest filled with artifacts and photographs revealing secrets about a rich society.  Visitors are invited to roam the decorated halls and rooms that are bursting with facts and findings, which have influenced an all-American civilization with its celebrations of important events and people.  This unique preservation of culture and history is one of the main reasons why Bainbridge Island, Washington, United States is a captivating location.  It is a great place to build everlasting memories and it offers an endless supply of attractions and activities that can be found throughout the vibrant streets.

Bainbridge Island is a city on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington, United States.  Populated with approximately 20,000 residents, the city is also home to beautiful gardens, art galleries, and quaint restaurants and shops.  With perfect combinations of history and adventure, this town is a historian and nature lover’s paradise.  Bainbridge’s Eagle Harbor is an exquisite tourist attraction where you can sail the tranquil waters and enjoy picturesque views of the city with a backdrop of the majestic orange sunset.  Enjoy acres of bright colored flowers, a crystal clear pool, and green woodlands of the Bloedel Reserve.  The Bainbridge Island Art Museum elaborately showcases the artistic skills of various regional and local artists with inspirational presentations portraying different aspects of beauty and light. 

Mingle with the locals and enjoy the scenery by shopping in the trendy boutiques and markets.  Shop-a-holics will be able to feast their eyes and hands on souvenirs and enticing products, making the shopping experience here extraordinary.  At night Bainbridge Island remains awake with exciting adventures.  The Suquamish Clearwater Casino is populated with poker and blackjack players ready to become instant millionaires.  For visitors in need of a good laugh, head to the Edge Improv to watch the hilarious performances of local comedians.  Pubs and bars provide appetizing foods, tasty cocktails, trademark and local beers, and enticing music.  For a quieter evening, sipping on some of the city’s signature wines is a thrill for the senses.

For a taste of American and international cuisine, cafés and restaurants provide a plethora of dishes.  Nestled in a picturesque Bainbridge Garden, The New Rose Café is where you can savor the taste of wood oven baked pizza, delectable sandwiches, and salads.  For Thai spicy aha tuna, prime rib, and manila clam, head to the Island Grill.  Influenced by its Japanese settlers, Shima restaurant offers traditional Japanese specialties like kinoko miso soup, sushi, and chicken and shrimp tempora.  No matter what foods you may be craving, the gastronomy of Bainbridge Island is phenomenal and appeals to any cautious food critic.

Bainbridge Island experiences a mild, marine climate with no dry seasons.  During the summer the temperature averages in the 60s.  However, in August temperatures can rise to the mid 70s.  In the winter temperatures fluctuate within the 40s; but, in January the weather normally decreases to the 30s.

You cannot visit Bainbridge without taking a ride on the Washington State Ferries.  With a reservation, The Bainbridge Island ferry is a luxurious form of traveling to Seattle with gorgeous views of the city’s skyline.   Taxis are available and provide transportation to your desired destination in the city.  Kitsap tours are also a convenient way to explore different cities on the Kitsap Peninsula.  Travel at your own pace and escape traffic by renting a bike.  There are various back roads and bicycle trails that make biking an easy sport and form of transportation.  Another way to ride traffic-free is to kayak across the peaceful waters.  However, walking and hiking is a good way to drop the unwanted vacation pounds while enjoying the captivating ambiance of the city.