Nestled in the heart of the Elbe Mountains, Bad Schandau is a charming destination filled with history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. Vast green hills, massive trees, exquisite rock formations, and unique architecture create a picture perfect atmosphere, where time stands still and the stresses of life seem to disappear.  From the luxurious spa facilities to the cultural attractions, Bad Schandau, Germany is a combination of splendor and leisure.  The Museum of Bad Schandau is a journey into the civilization of the Elbe Valley with exhibitions on significant issues such as mountaineering, river traffic, and tourism.  With such great adventures and a peaceful ambiance, it is no wonder why this town is an idealistic escape for many visitors who are in dire need of rest and bliss.

Bad Schandau is a resort town located on the banks of the Elbe River in Germany. Since the establishment of the first bathhouse in 1680, the town has progressively transformed from a trading city to a resort by providing five star spa facilities that are enticing to tourists and locals. For a feeling of absolute pleasure, the Toskana Therme is a spa unlike no other with its endless pampering of massages and cosmetic treatments. The spa’s Liquid Sound experience offers complete tranquility with accommodations of a relaxing pool while music and colorful lights bounce off the walls.  The city also offers spas-terrain paths, which focuses on regulating the vegetative body functions by working out the entire body with the panoramic backdrop of Bad Schandau’s impeccable landscape. Housing a fountain and concert area, Kurpark‘s modern décor bath is also a great place to unwind.

Through the picturesque infrastructure, you will find the city’s thrilling sites.  Sticking out from the vast hills and trees, the mysterious rock formations present a world of rock climbing adventures.  Standing above the city at 50 meters high, the tower which escorts its visitors on the Bad Schandau Elevator provides a bird’s eye view of the majestic green surroundings and distinctive cliffs.  The National Park Center is a preservation of Germany’s heritage with thrilling activities and cultural exhibits.  With a Renaissance altar made out of sandstone, St. John's Church is an extensive glance into 14th century style architecture. Bad Schandau also encourages nature lovers to take a hike or bike ride along the paved paths and emerald hillsides.

The beautiful decorated restaurants provide a plethora of mouthwatering and delightful German and multicultural specialties.  Flavors from local vegetables and spices provide an extraordinary gastronomical experience with the best sceneries and magnificent ambiance.  From the tasty breads and grilled tomatoes to the scrumptious potatoes, fish, and chocolate truffles, there is an endless supply of exotic foods bursting with tastes.  Whether it is a romantic dinner for two or a family of four, the town’s cuisine can please any appetite.

Ban Schandau experiences a humid moderate climate.  During the summer months (May-September) the temperatures averages from the high 70s to low 60s. In the winter (November-February) the weather fluctuates between the low 20s and high 40s.

Train lines provide the easiest form of transportation throughout Bad Schandau and to other German and European cities.  Kirnitzschtalbahn tramway is the most famous form of travel in the city. It provides scenic views of the Elbe while transporting tourists and locals from Bad Sacandau to the Lichtenhain waterfall, and stopping at various attractions along the way.