Adelaide, Australia
Artists from Australia and all over the world come to Adelaide for the annual Adelaide Fringe Festival. People anxiously wait with beating hearts to catch to a glimpse of the art that will be featured in the show. Cafés, parks, theaters, hotels, and galleries house some of the most exotic…   read more

Airlie Beach, Australia
Imagine feeling completely relaxed and laying on a hammock underneath tall palm trees that are shielding you from the rays of the golden sun. You can hear the sound of the ocean as it gently hits upon the shore. This is the feeling of being in Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia. The town is a…   read more

Aitutaki, New Zealand
Described as heaven on earth, Aitutaki is a picture-perfect paradise.   For a relaxing vacation, this region of the Cook Islands is an ideal getaway with white sandy beaches, turquoise ocean waters, gourmet seafood, and thrilling water activities.  Most of your days can be spent…   read more

Akaroa, New Zealand
Nestled in the fascinating country of New Zealand, Akaroa is nothing short of delightful.  This quaint village’s French and British heritage is proudly celebrated through its many faces of culture.  Come enjoy the pleasant weather and indulge in its wide contrasts of…   read more

Apia, Samoa
Nestled in the beautiful country of Samoa, Apia is an exotic treasure.  Miles of unspoiled wonders and trees dripping with tropical fruits makes this city a paradisiacal haven, worthy of discovery.  Its vibrant culture is transparent in the pride of the friendly locals and fascinating…   read more

Auckland, New Zealand
A cultural paradise, Auckland, New Zealand is a city draped with spectacular sights of mountainsides and a dazzling harbor.  Adventure seekers get ready to feel the rush of adrenaline flow through your bones.  From 16,000 feet in the air, embrace the cool breeze as you soar out of a…   read more

Australia is repeatedly listed on travelers “wish” destination lists, and rightly so. Experiences are as diverse and big as the land itself, which is close to 3 million square miles, or about the same size as the 48 U.S. mainland states. You can go from cultural city, to isolate…   read more

Bay Of Islands, New Zealand
Completely immersed in culture, from the turquoise ocean to the historic jewels, the Bay of Islands is a vision of beauty.  Its 144 islands are home to aquatic adventures and dazzling sights, which magnetize many tourists to its playful, yet relaxing atmosphere.  Come bask in perfect…   read more

Bluff, New Zealand
Bluff is undeniably the center of seafood in New Zealand, making it an ideal destination for every food lover.   Boasting a marina abundant with shellfish, cod, mussels, and oysters, its atmosphere is enticing as the thick mouthwatering aromas of its delicacies intoxicate the air. …   read more

Bora Bora, Pacific
Romantics, you have found your ideal destination. The small island of Bora Bora is only 18 miles in circumference, but it’s home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and waters, and the luxurious pampering resorts with overwater bungalows and thatched roofs we dream of for our…   read more

Brisbane, Australia
Brisbane, a playground for the culturally inclined, is an electric blend of old and new.  Its cluster of colonial structures gleams in the presence of futuristic skyscrapers, bringing the city’s unique style to life creatively.  Brisbane embodies everything Australian from the…   read more

Broome, Australia
Broome, Australia is an exotic concoction of Australian beauty immersed in culture, color, and history.  It is heaven on earth for the avid traveler beaming with pearls buried in its veins as it blazes a trail into the timeless landscape of the Kimberley.  You will be summoned to the…   read more

Bunbury, Australia
With its feet sunken in an inlet, bay, and sea, Bunbury, Australia’s natural beauty can be seen from all directions.  It is the perfect combination of land and water, a timeless adventure for the passionate traveler who relishes in the tranquility of nature.  Bunbury is a coastal…   read more

Burnie, Australia
Burnie, Australia, the “land of the makers” is worth every bit of discovery.  It is home to the dexterous, a city of colorful contrast flowing from the bottom of its turquoise ocean to the aromatic scents of auburn whisky overpowering its distilleries.  It is a destination…   read more

Cook Islands
Sugary beaches, endless sunshine, and delightful smiles only begin to sum up the pleasures of the Cook Islands in the South Pacific. These beautiful atolls give way to unbelievable sights, blessed by the lovely weather overpowering their atmospheres.  Speckled along the South Pacific Ocean,…   read more

Imagine a South Pacific destination that is a lush tropical setting, with secluded beaches, cascading waterfalls, swaying coconut trees, and lush rainforests and you’ve landed in Fiji. It is home to 333 beautiful islands, of which approximately 110 are inhabited. It’s a locale made for…   read more

Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne, Australia, in the state of Victoria, sits on the northern banks of the Yarra River, about three miles from Port Phillip Bay. This lively cosmopolitan city offers everything you crave in a city destination -- great shopping, nightlife, entertainment and culture all in a fairly condensed…   read more

New Zealand
New Zealand is one of the world’s least-crowded countries, with easy accessibility to its stunning and diverse natural beauty. It is made up of two main islands -- North and South islands -- and many small islands. North Island boasts year-round temperate weather, sandy beaches, farmland,…   read more

Papeete, Tahiti
The salty aromas of the ocean, the rich scents of culinary specialties, and a sultry atmosphere make Papeete, Tahiti a fascinating destination.  Here, strangers become friends welcoming you with melodious accents to indulge in--everything Papeete --from world-class shopping to a pulsating…   read more