Ahoy captain! You are generously invited to experience an adventure far beyond the sea.  Have you ever wanted to steer a ship? If so, I have the place for you.  The Columbia River Maritime Museum is a spectacular exhibition of impressive nautical artifacts.  From shipwrecks to floating lighthouses, there is so much to explore as you gaze upon the variety of boats and collections that are on display.  Let your imaginations run wild while listening to stories about Astoria’s vibrant maritime, and assist in a Coast Guard rescue.  With the crystal clear water of the Columbia River in the background, your experience will seem very real.  Astoria, Oregon is a captivating city which begs to be discovered.  Its pleasant combination of land and water makes it one of the richest cities in America.

Retrace the Lewis and Clark Expedition and explore the fascinating city of Astoria in Oregon, United States.  So unique is the city’s landscape, it was chosen as a setting for blockbuster hits such as “Free Willy”, “Into the Wild”, and “The Ring.”  Historians will appreciate the appearances of traditional buildings and iconic highlights that are sprinkled along the cobblestone streets.  Its profound heritage can also be seen throughout the marina that is colorfully dotted with seafood; the museums, which celebrate the sacred traditions and lives of influential figures of the past; as well as the emerald parks overflowing with Spruce and Douglas-fir trees.  Climb atop the 164 steps of the Astor Column and capture a bird’s eye view of the city’s majestic scenery.  From fishing to kayaking, the waterfront offers a plethora of aquatic thrills. It is also the perfect backdrop for a romantic stroll.

The vibrant shopping districts glisten with interesting treasures. Astoria will delight every shopaholic with the variety of souvenirs and collectables offered.  Whether you choose to treat yourself or give a gift, Astoria provides a full spectrum of merchandise.  Toast to the night, and bask in the aromas of beer and other alcoholic drinks that burst at the seams at the chic brew pubs.

Taste masters get ready to sink your teeth into delicious culinary temptations.  From baked treats to imaginative dinners, the gastronomy of Astoria is phenomenal.  Local seafood as well as multicultural cuisine is within reach and flavored to perfection.  Restaurants are treasure chests filled with excellent delicacies, so tasty your pallet will be overjoyed.

Astoria experiences a Mediterranean climate.  During the months of June to October (warm season) the weather is typically dry with averages from the high 60s to the low 50s.  In November to February (cold season), the temperature is mild and fluctuates between the 50s to low 30s.

Take a historical ride on the city’s trolley.  Built in 1913, the trolley travels along Astoria’s riverside and journeys to various attractions along its path such as the Maritime Museum and Astor Column.  This is a great way to catch the amazing sites of marine animals and the colorful boats that paint the harbor. The city’s trails are also ideal for hiking.  With a diverse landscape of verdant scenery to its paved roads, Astoria’s precious highlights are never far behind.