The city of Arnhem offers its visitors the best of both worlds with its plentiful array of natural beauty and cultural attractions.  The Arnhem Museum of Modern Art showcases different depictions of realism with its numerous exhibitions of contemporary and modern art by magic realists from all over the world. With panoramic views of the Rhine and a garden decorated with sculptures, the museum is a magical world filled with striking treasures.  Visitors are truly amazed by the skillful works of art used to convey powerful and controversial messages, while still providing insight into Dutch traditions.  For this reason, Arnhem, Netherlands is an exotic location, overflowing with exciting adventures that are definitely worth exploring.

Situated on the Rhine, Arnhem is a city and capital of the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands.  Populated with nearly 150,000 inhabitants, the ancient battlefield of World War II, is now considered to be one of the greenest locations in Europe.  Much of the city’s long history can be seen throughout the streets and sites that can be found lurking on almost every corner.  Dive into the past at The Netherlands Open Air Museum, where stories and images present a look into the Dutch heritage and indulge in Arnhem’s finest wines at the Wine Museum. The Netherlands Water Museum provides an education about water in such a fun way, children and adults will have the time of their lives.  With impressive views of many of the most exotic and dangerous creatures on earth, the Burgers’ Zoo is an extensive display of animals in their natural habitats.  Here, you can visit the rainforest and listen to the sounds of colorful birds flying above you, observe the movements of rattle snakes in the desert, get up close and person to a great white shark in the deep blue ocean, and see how lionesses coddle their cubs in the safari. 

Arnhem is also a shopper’s paradise.  Along the narrow streets you will find the city’s energetic shopping scene and many of its friendly residents. The local shops and stores welcome shopping connoisseurs to purchase genuine Dutch merchandise and popular products.  Enjoy your nights with theatrical performances at the theater or cinema or mingle over drinks at the restaurants/cafés, nightclubs or bars.

Feast your senses on cuisines inspired by Arnhem’s culture and international influences. The aromas from steam vegetables, potatoes, smoked eel, and raw herring fill the air of the restaurants whose specialties are authentic Dutch delicacies.  On the hand, there are a plethora of restaurants that serve well known multicultural dishes that will definitely quench your pallet.  With such a variety of mouthwatering foods available, even the cautious food critic will be satisfied.

During the course of a year the climate fluctuates between 30°F to 73°F.  In the summer (June-August), temperatures averages from the 50s to the 70s; in the spring, the temperatures range from a low within the 30s to the 60s; in winter (December-February), the weather drops between the low 30s and 40s; in fall, the temperature averages from the high 30s to mid 60s. 

Getting around Arnhem is relatively easy and affordable.  Trains are in close distance to the center of the city and they service transportation to other major and small cities in The Netherlands such as Zutphen and Amsterdam.  Trolleybuses are also convenient for traveling to various locations around the city.  A more exhilarating method of traveling is to rent a bike or walk around and observe the beautiful green sceneries.