Bursting with culture, the Arkhangelsk International Street Theatre Festival is a celebration of artistic expression.  The streets become an open platform for local and international artists to showcase their talents to the public.  The excited spectators fill the streets as they become hypnotized by the talents and visualizations created by the ambitious theatrical performers.   With no restrictions, the festival promotes an innovating and thrilling experience where viewers can meet, gain ideas, or just marvel at the diligence of the extensive artistry that flows through Arkhangelsk, Russia.  This 10 day event is among the many adventures that the city of Arkhangelsk has to offer.  With such an abundance of activities, you will be truly astonished by the attractions that provide an outstanding look into Arkhangelsk’s society.

Arkhangelsk is a city and capital of Arkhangelsk Oblast in Russia.  Populated by over 300,000 inhabitants, it is an administrative center and major seaport for its region.   It is also a cultural city filled with ancient sites that gives insight into its long history.   The Arkhangelsk Regional Museum of Local History is a treasure chest filled with old stories and archeological artifacts such as river pearls and carved bone caskets. Dating back to the 18thcentury, the ruins of the Novodvinskaya Fortress is a reminder of the primeval defense building that once housed 180 guns. With five subsidiaries, the Museum Union is also a history lesson of the different Russian art techniques and collections dating back to the 14thcentury.

For live entertainment, the Arkhangelsk Regional Puppet Theatre uses puppetry as a unique way to showcase popular fairytales and stories, which adults and children can both enjoy.  At the city’s theatres, catch a live play featuring talented and enthusiastic Russian actors and actresses. The enchanting sounds of classical music can be heard coming from the unique décor of the once Western European style Lutheran Kirk of Saint Catherine, during one of its infamous organ concerts.  Arkhangelsk is a fascinating world, with thrilling adventures lurking in the near distance.

In Arkhangelsk there is a vast array of shopping centers where Russian merchandise and international products can be found.  Visitors are able to purchase souvenirs exclusively made by Russian designers and manufacturers.  At night, the city is transformed into a vibrant disco.  Nightclubs and bars provide great music and entertainment with some of Russia’s popular cocktails.  Jazz lovers should head to Jazz Klub Artel or Restorn Amadey to club to listen to the smooth sounds of jazz music under a mystical ambiance.  Many of the nightclubs, bars, and taverns encourage visitors and locals to dance the night way or lounge while listening to recorded music or live entertainment.

Arkhangelsk cuisine is a feast for the senses.  Stay warm with a cup of Russian coffee and satisfy your sweet tooth with pastries from the local cafés.  Daring tourists can indulge in authentic Russian delicacies like borvina and ukha.  However, popular multicultural dishes are still within reach for the cautious food critic.  No matter what foods you may be craving, there is a plethora of choices that will make your dining experience extraordinary. 

Arkhangelsk experiences a humid subarctic continental climate.  Winters are known to be harsh, while summers are typically dry and warm.  In the months of June to August the temperature averages from a high of 73°F to a low of 55°F.  During December to March the weather fluctuates between a high of 23°F and a low of -3°F.

There are a number of ways to explore the city of Arkhangelsk.  Talagi Airport services flights to major Russian cities such as Moscow, Murmansk, Petrozavodsk, and St. Petersburg and connecting flights to other destinations within Russia.  By bus, you can reach Veliky Ustyug and trains also provide transportation to Murmansk, Moscow and St. Petersburg. However, taxis are a more convenient and inexpensive means of travel since taxi drivers are normally within close proximity to the city’s attractions.